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#2534943 - 10/11/13 09:13 AM Minor Gripe - Boss Pedal Review
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In the most recent issue (Keith Urban cover), you reviewed three new Boss pedals - the Adaptive Distortion, Terra Echo and Multi Overtone. While the article did describe the sounds & textures and purpose of each pedal, I do have two minor gripes.
1) Photos : There were individual photos of each pedal and one group shot. However, in none of these pictures could you see what each knob was; the labels were not viewable due to the angles from which the pictures were taken. Which then leads to:
2) Descriptions of all functions: The reviews tended to mention the overal effects, and focussed on one or two knobs, but did not mention what all of the controls were. I don't think it would have added much space (or taken away much or any advertising space) to give a quick rundown of each knob. Even if they were just listed, and then only the knobs that were "new" or what set this pedal apart from others of its ilk got deep descriptions.

Thanks for reading my thoughts; hopefully it can benefit readers in future reviews.
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#2535192 - 10/12/13 08:22 AM Re: Minor Gripe - Boss Pedal Review [Re: Danzilla]
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I've noticed this in other pedal reviews. It seems like in the effort to get a good photo of the pedal(s), we don't always get a good look at the controls. Not an issue if we're talking about a simple OD pedal with Drive, Tone & Level knobs, but when we're looking at new pedals, with new features, it would be useful to know more about those features and controls.
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#2546186 - 11/24/13 06:07 AM Re: Minor Gripe - Boss Pedal Review [Re: Winston Psmith]
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What he said.
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#2564818 - 01/24/14 05:10 AM Re: Minor Gripe - Boss Pedal Review [Re: picker]
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Agreed! As both a subscriber and a pedal user and buyer, I'm with these fellas! smile
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