Forum layout issues post

The above post has many viewpoints. The original point made by the original poster however is in regards to the page layout formatting issues (horizontal scrolling) these larger format banner ads have caused, and not being in issue with the ads themselves.

I, personally, agree with that stance, that the ads are NOT an issue in and of themselves, but that the page layout now being presented onscreen causes pages that display the newer larger format banners to force forum members to horizontally scroll in order to view the complete text of each post.

As an experienced (over 14 years) professional web designer, I can categorically state with 100 percent accuracy that this issue is a simple fix for any experienced web designer. Horizontal scrolling is absolutely one of the MOST annoying and totally unnecessary actions a web designer can force upon his end users, and goes against the tenet that "ease of use" for any websites' visitors is of the utmost import.

With all due respect, I urge you to simply fix the issue of ad placement forcing end users to horizontally scroll.

You have a wonderful resource here, but it would be a shame to lose members due to simple formatting issues.
Nobody told me there'd be days like these...