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#2518647 - 08/13/13 12:33 PM Happy Left-Handers Day
Ioana Offline
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Maybe not many of you are aware that today we are celebrating left handed people around the world. Even if only 10% of the population is left handed, I am sure some of you here on the forum are left handed or that you know people who are. I also look at it as celebrating the things that make us different as you can't say that left handers are better than right handed people but they are certainly different. During their life time (especially during childhood)they have a little trouble with adjusting to the right handed world (just try using your mouse with your left hand and you'll get the idea smile so I think they deserve a little credit for that alone.
In my country, I was one of the 1st generation that was allowed to write with the left hand (in the communist era left handed people weren't very popular, they were associated with the american culture, so my parents, both left handed, weren't allowed to write with their left hand) so for me left handed day also means a day when you celebrate the freedom to be yourself.

I have recorded a small musical gift to celebrate this. I am glad I finished it until the day ends smile
This is one of the few piano pieces written only for the left hand,well definetely one of the few that are relatively known to the public, alongside Ravel's piano concerto. You don't see many pianists performing this so I hope you enjoy this rare gem. Here's Scriabin "Prelude for the left hand".


KC Island
#2518669 - 08/13/13 02:11 PM Re: Happy Left-Handers Day [Re: Ioana]
MoodyBluesKeys Offline
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Enjoyed. I'm left-handed, don't write well with either hand. Started playing electric bass in the 80's in a small town, didn't even know they made LH guitars & basses.
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#2518707 - 08/13/13 05:28 PM Re: Happy Left-Handers Day [Re: MoodyBluesKeys]
wmp Offline
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Happy Lefty's Day! That was awesome.

Most of the people I worked with in the '80s were left handed. Most of the best engineers and all of the ones who went on to become billionaires were left handed. Most of them played some keys too.

As you might guess, I'm right handed, not that bright, and about a billion short of being a billionaire.

#2518709 - 08/13/13 05:57 PM Re: Happy Left-Handers Day [Re: wmp]
The Real MC Offline
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Very nice. So nice to hear any classical piano these days, right and/or left handed.

I'm right handed and use the computer mouse with my left hand. Many people think I am left handed. I explain to them that I play ragtime and can work with either hand. But I can't write or play sports left handed.

#2518713 - 08/13/13 06:15 PM Re: Happy Left-Handers Day [Re: The Real MC]
Brettymike Offline
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I have always known for many years that L.H people are superior ;D.
Nice playing Ioana (as usual).


#2518721 - 08/13/13 06:53 PM Re: Happy Left-Handers Day [Re: Ioana]
moj Offline
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Nice piece and playing, Ioana. Here's another lefty composition WINTER TABLEAU by John Bayless. This was performed at the 2011 Virginia Waring International Piano Competition.

#2518760 - 08/14/13 02:20 AM Re: Happy Left-Handers Day [Re: moj]
Ioana Offline
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Thanks for sharing this. Beautiful piece.

#2518762 - 08/14/13 03:16 AM Re: Happy Left-Handers Day [Re: Ioana]
Morizzle Offline
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There's a whole YouTube channel dedicated to left hand piano music. Check it out:
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