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#2486937 - 04/21/13 02:00 PM easy les paul mod
pinkjimiphoton Offline
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Loc: new england, usa ya gotta les paul. it's an awesome guitar. duh.
yah? well what if i told ya you could make it better ? (and if ya didn't like it, you could change it back in 5 minutes or so)
i was looking at one of joe gore's articles on his tonefiend site, and he added the passive treble bass control from some of the G&L guitars to a hamer.
no offense joe, if ya read this, but tho the schematic there is right, the layout isn't.. it doesn't quite match the schem!!
so i had a play with it... and hot damn, it does just what joe says it does.. the top tone knob becomes a treble cut (normal master tone control, for all intents) and the bottom one becomes a bass cut control! as you turn it up, you cut more and more bass out of the signal.
yes, it thins up the guitar.. indeed, you can make a paul SPARKLE if ya wanna.
but the real fun comes when ya add some FUZZY GOODNESS... distortion pedals act completely different depending on how much bass enters them. the more bass, the more distortion.
so like, you can dial in your distortion level from this control effectively!!!
it's pretty cool. not as noticeable into a clean amp, but even then dialing out some mud can be really useful.
but add distortion... and.... mmmmmm....myriad tones... thanks joe!!

anyways, here's a verified layout.
ya gotta remove the connections from pin 1 of each volume pot to it's corresponding tone pot.
use the existing pots and a couple caps, and rewire as per the diagram.
enjoy a completely different kinda gibson tone. it's truly, TRULY, fucking sick.
also works on stratowhammycasters and basses, etc...
i'll post some clippage one of these days..

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#2486948 - 04/21/13 02:41 PM Re: easy les paul mod [Re: pinkjimiphoton]
Guitarzan Offline
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sounds groovy, but alas my V has one tone pot.......i may consider this for a future mod. i suspect my three way is crappy or has a bad joint so i plan on digging in there soon. getting some hum and i suspect signal loss.

rock it, i will

#2486955 - 04/21/13 03:29 PM Re: easy les paul mod [Re: Guitarzan]
Dannyalcatraz Offline
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I'm no modder, but I have a guitar with a similar feature: my Reverend Flatroc. I have to say, having the option of with both treble AND bass tones is truly a nice feature.
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#2486985 - 04/21/13 05:54 PM Re: easy les paul mod [Re: Dannyalcatraz]
H-A Forgiven Offline
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That does sound very nice. I might miss not being able to control the pups individually, but being able to take some of the sludge out when I need to could quite possibly be way nicer.
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