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#2477474 - 03/14/13 03:32 AM Your first pedal?
harvey Offline
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Registered: 04/05/09
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Loc: Sydney, Australia
Mine...Boss DS 1, bought second hand in ‘86,

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#2477476 - 03/14/13 04:00 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: harvey]
Scott Fraser Online   content
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Registered: 03/20/05
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Loc: Los Angeles
A very gnarly fuzzbox, designed & built by an electronics wizard friend of mine in high school, in about 1967.
Followed by a Maestro Ring Modulator in 1971.
Scott Fraser

#2477480 - 03/14/13 05:09 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: Scott Fraser]
Minte Offline
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Registered: 11/18/12
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Loc: Madison
Mine was a Vox Cry baby. I used it for years until it got stolen at a gig in Stuttgart Germany.

#2477481 - 03/14/13 05:45 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: Minte]
Winston Psmith Offline
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Loc: Inside the Beltway
Man, that's going back. Early 70's EHX Big Muff, bought at Manny's in NYC.
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#2477505 - 03/14/13 07:28 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: Winston Psmith]
Danzilla Offline
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Loc: Baltimore, MD
Back in early 1987, it was either an Arion Parametric EQ (after reading a Zappa interview in GP talking about parametrics), or a Boss CE2 Chorus (which I still have & use). Pretty sure it was the EQ first, followed shortly by the chorus. I don't have the EQ any more as the wiring to the battery went bad & I was too stupid to rewire/replace at the time.
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#2477514 - 03/14/13 08:27 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: Danzilla]
simus35 Offline
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Registered: 10/09/08
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Loc: Canada(Quebec)
mine was a second hand boss od-1 in 1986
sorry for my english i'm a french Canadien

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#2477525 - 03/14/13 08:54 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: simus35]
A String Administrator Offline
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Loc: Ontario, Canada
Like Harvey, my first pedal was a used "Boss DS-1" I picked up around 85'-86'.
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#2477530 - 03/14/13 09:03 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: A String]
russclan Offline
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Registered: 10/22/09
Posts: 297
Played for years just going straight to the amp, then a friend gave me two DOD pedals he didn't want anymore; an FX 60 Stereo Chorus and an FX 56 American Metal...I still have them.

Though I've picked up a few more over the years, mostly EHX, I still only use them sparingly. The one that sees the most use is a Fulltone OCD.

I do have an Ernie Ball volume pedal that gets used all the time, if you wanna count that...
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#2477537 - 03/14/13 09:10 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: russclan]
Larryz Offline
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Registered: 06/23/08
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Loc: Northern California
Electro-Harmonix clean boost pedal for lead work in front of my Twin Reverb.
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#2477542 - 03/14/13 09:20 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: Larryz]
Dannyalcatraz Offline
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Loc: Dallas/FW Metroplex, Texas
Mine was a Line6 ToneCore with several modules- I don't remember which- followed by a couple more. I now have all but a couple of the modules.
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#2477556 - 03/14/13 09:48 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: Dannyalcatraz]
CEB Offline
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Registered: 06/03/09
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Thomas Organ Co Crybaby then DeArmond Square Wave.

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#2477557 - 03/14/13 09:51 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: CEB]
Fusker Offline
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Registered: 04/20/09
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Loc: Raleigh, NC
Dunlop Crybaby in 1989.
Yamaha Motif XS-8, NE3 73, Casio PX-5S, iPad, EV ZLX 12-P ZZ(x2), bunch of PA stuff.

#2477626 - 03/14/13 02:09 PM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: Fusker]
Bluesape Moderator Offline
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Loc: Ottawa
Dallas Arbiter Wah Face, circa 1974...
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#2477648 - 03/14/13 04:37 PM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: Bluesape]
The Geoff Offline
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#2477662 - 03/14/13 05:45 PM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: Dannyalcatraz]
picker Offline
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Registered: 06/13/04
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Loc: Near 12th Street and Vine...
A Knight electronics fuzz box I built from a kit.
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#2477711 - 03/14/13 11:10 PM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: picker]
skipclone 1 Offline
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Registered: 08/21/03
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Loc: Japan
If i recall right it was an MXR distortion+, one of the originals. Dummy me sold it.
Then I had an Ibanez pedal, don`t recall the name but there were four or five of them that could also be hooked up in series to a docking bay.
Then it was a Yamaha delay that was lots of fun to hook up to a vocal mic.
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#2477745 - 03/15/13 05:54 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: skipclone 1]
SEHpicker Offline
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Registered: 05/16/02
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Loc: Inverness, Florida
Thomas Organ Cry Baby - 73'or 74'

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#2477798 - 03/15/13 09:32 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: SEHpicker]
Delta Offline
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Registered: 08/18/10
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Loc: Ormond Beach, FL
Arion Metal Master. Sounded decent, but cheaply made. It didn't last long.
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#2477802 - 03/15/13 09:44 AM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: Delta]
desertbluesman Offline
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Registered: 05/22/07
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Very early Ibanez Tube Screamer, I probably gave it away, I never liked it much. For the longest time I never used any pedals, then in the mid 80's I went pedal and guitar to MIDI and synth crazy, now I do use some pedals, only tube overdrive pedals, a Boss Blues driver for boost and tone control for my Strat Clone, and one Digitech Reverb pedal.
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#2477859 - 03/15/13 01:02 PM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: desertbluesman]
p90jr Offline
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Registered: 11/21/07
Posts: 2986
When I was about 14 or 15 my stepdad, a musician who was encouraging of my playing, one day said "I have a cousin who's a guitarist and left an amp with me back home. I'll see if he still wants it." He tracked him down in California, where he'd become a session guitarist, and the guy told him I could have it. It was a 1979 Acoustic solid state amp with 2 x 10" speakers - which sounded great - and tucked in the back were a Boss Flanger, MXR Phase 100, Crybaby Fuzz/Wah and Univox Uniwah. I was in heaven.

#2477929 - 03/15/13 09:17 PM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: p90jr]
Terrell Offline
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Registered: 07/28/08
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Loc: Austin, TX
A Tom Scholz Rockman I played through a Tweed Bassman Head and 4x10. Was my first stage setup in 1980. It sounded Awesome...

A couple years latter, I wanted to be Randy Rhodes. So, A Boss Yellow Overdrive was my first true floor pedal. It fed a Marshall JMP100 and 4x12 slant.

#2479691 - 03/22/13 06:47 PM Re: Your first pedal? [Re: Terrell]
pinkjimiphoton Offline
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Loc: new england, usa
orange kay fuzztone in a wah treadle!


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