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#2473327 - 02/21/13 03:51 PM stupid pedal trick...boogie snake
pinkjimiphoton Offline
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WOW, it's been a productive day.
i built up the last fuzz i had laid out -(based roughly on the classic craig anderton tube sound fuzz/eh hot tubes/way huge red lama among others)a cmos based fuzz/overdrive -
and it fired right up, sounded pretty good.. but i wasn't satisfied with it. it was ok, and very much like the snarling dog black dog i had had tonally. (which was what i was looking for it to sound like)
ok, but not great.
so i decided to put on my vivisection hat, and molest the circuit a bit. evil
first, i changed out the gain pot to a 500k instead of 1meg. it just didn't need that much gain, and there was minimal difference between the two. 500k seemed to have the best sweep, so i went with that.
i added reverse battery protection, power supply filtering, and a 1 meg pull down resistor on the input.
it sounded better, and i almost kept it as is.
but then i got thinking about all them wasted stages, and wondered how it would sound if i paralleled the second stage with the unused 3rd stage.
so i jumped them together.
holy $#17! THIS F*CKING THING GOT LOUD!!! like, loud enough to drive a speaker i think. WAYYYYYY more than necessary.
going with my creed of "too loud, it's excellent", i tried a 1k pot for the volume instead of 10k.
that helped a little bit, but not all that much.
so i decided to try and stick a pot as a variable resistor between the 2nd and 3rd out, with the 2nd and 3rd inputs tied together. it made a minimal difference,
not enough to justify existing.
then i got the bright idea of making it into a tone control...wired as a variable resistor, with the unused terminal going to a cap to ground.
tried .22u, didn't like it. tried 2.2n, same thing. tried .47u, nope. same with .1u. then i tried .047u. bingo. gave a real nice sweep from treble to mud, without getting TOO muddy.
now i could go back to 10k on the output pot. the thing sounded great.
but i had also messed with diode clipping on the output, tried symetrical and asymetrical clippers of various types, si/ge, si &ge, pretty much every type you can think of. 1n60's gave it a bit of octave down, but it was too intermittent to bother with. at some settings of the volume on my guitar i got the most bizzarre tremolo kinda octave down sound. not something i'd really use, so i tried some led's... a pair of super brite clear orange led's gave it a nice edge, AND it looks cool, cuz ya can watch the led's flash with every note you play. but i don't like led clipping all the time, so added another switch.
done deal.
so, when all's said and done, nice very boogie-ish kinda tube sounding overdrive, decent tone control, loud as F*CK!!
when i box it, there will be a tb 3pdt footswitch for in/bypass with led "on" indicator
a second dpdt footswitch with bicolor led (green for rhythm, red for lead) to choose between "lead" or "rhythm" settings
and a switch to turn the led diode clipper off and on. i'll probably mount the led's so you can see 'em thru holes in the top of the pedal.
ANYWAYS, it's a real simple little design that's obviously been done a lot.. but with a couple twists. obviously, using the 4069 instead of the 4049 is the first twist.
the diode clipper is a PREDICTABLE twist.. but i don't recall seeing anyone else use a stage just for a tone control. i am probably wrong on that one, tho.
i'm pretty happy with it so far.. if anyone gets a wild hair across their arse and wants to build it, this vero layout is verified, works great, and imho, sounds pretty freekin' good, too!!

anyways... stupid pedal trick:


and finally the vero layout. it may look complex, but it's really just a handful of parts and one chip. so if ya like it,

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#2473550 - 02/22/13 09:31 AM Re: stupid pedal trick...boogie snake [Re: pinkjimiphoton]
Larryz Offline
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Jimi you always come up with some cool stuff. Really like your very cool graphics and schematics. Only suggestion on the vids is to bring the volume up on your voice as it's sometimes just right and sometimes too low making it a little hard to understand...for the most part I can follow along with my volume as high as I can go. Not trying to be critical.

I really loved the un-"boxed" view of the string of parts you held up. That was really cool! It reminded me of the 1st time I tried to build a fuzztone back in the 60's so I could copy the Ventures. I just strung a bunch of parts before trying to "box" 'em. It didn't work but I thought it was cool to go to the electronics store and buy all the parts from a schem and give it a try. Not bad for a 16 year old...It won't be long before the Jimiphoton pedals are in full production. Keep on Keep'en on! thu

#2473675 - 02/22/13 03:10 PM Re: stupid pedal trick...boogie snake [Re: Larryz]
pinkjimiphoton Offline
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thanks larry!!


i will try to speak up in the future, too.

#2473691 - 02/22/13 03:57 PM Re: stupid pedal trick...boogie snake [Re: pinkjimiphoton]
picker Offline
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Any chance you could shoot a video with a tube amp, 40 or more watts and at least one 12" speaker? Maybe even with a band? I'd like to hear it in a real life sitch, y'know?
Always remember that you’re unique. Just like everyone else.

#2473717 - 02/22/13 09:02 PM Re: stupid pedal trick...boogie snake [Re: picker]
pinkjimiphoton Offline
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Loc: new england, usa
i can put it in a tube amp once i box it bro.
no longer in any bands at the moment.


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