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#2473014 - 02/20/13 06:33 PM Player or wallhanger?
Minte Offline
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I really like the design and am thinking this is next.

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#2473016 - 02/20/13 06:37 PM Re: Player or wallhanger? [Re: Minte]
Terrell Offline
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it goes in the "least versatile" guitar category...

Why do they call it the Rhodes and not the Roddenberry?

#2473019 - 02/20/13 06:49 PM Re: Player or wallhanger? [Re: Terrell]
Dannyalcatraz Offline
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But the original was designed by RR himself.
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#2473021 - 02/20/13 07:43 PM Re: Player or wallhanger? [Re: Dannyalcatraz]
Larryz Offline
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$1,799 is alot to pay for a wallhanger so I hope you will play it. It's a cool looking Area 51 model. I would have thought a Fender Synth set up with a whammy would have been included so one could get those space age freaq sounds...only thing I don't care for is the input jack location if it's where I think it is at the top of the moon as the cord will look funny hanging down...would have liked a strat style input. You have to try before you buy. It's got a very thin "easy" to play neck and the inlays are very pretty...SD humbucker should scream! evil

#2473067 - 02/21/13 05:33 AM Re: Player or wallhanger? [Re: Larryz]
whitefang Offline
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Is it called the "Roswell" because it's made from the same material as weather balloons were?
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#2473139 - 02/21/13 09:19 AM Re: Player or wallhanger? [Re: whitefang]
picker Offline
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If it floats yer boat, go for it. Can't say I'd have much use for it in what I do, but it would look cool in some stage settings for the right band. With that "space age" look to it, a lot of metal bands could put it to very good use, even something like The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I'd bet it will be a collector's item someday, too.
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#2473140 - 02/21/13 09:21 AM Re: Player or wallhanger? [Re: whitefang]
Winston Psmith Offline
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I saw an original one, with the aluminum body, going for quite a bit more, so under $2000 for a production model isn't too far out there. Otherwise, it looks no more awkward than any other variation on the Flying V design, which RR favored. If it appeals to you, and you can afford it, WTH?
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