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#2447357 - 10/23/12 04:59 AM A little bad luck
Fred_C Offline
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I had a fender bender about a week ago (not my fault, thank heaven) and my insurance company has decided to total my car. So, I'm going to be getting a new one.

I want to put down as much money as possible, so I've decided to sell my Carvin SH-550. I'll post pictures and a description on the Classified forum.
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#2447369 - 10/23/12 06:36 AM Re: A little bad luck [Re: Fred_C]
SEHpicker Offline
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Fred - you got it backwards! When your car is totalled it's time to take some of that cash to buy more guitars... not sell em! grin

#2447397 - 10/23/12 08:58 AM Re: A little bad luck [Re: SEHpicker]
Larryz Offline
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+1 on keeping the guitar and driving an older car...but good luck with it Fred and sorry to hear about your little bit of bad luck. Be thankful it was only a fender bender...

#2447406 - 10/23/12 09:18 AM Re: A little bad luck [Re: SEHpicker]
pinkjimiphoton Offline
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i have 20 of 'em now... i think...maybe more..

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#2447415 - 10/23/12 09:54 AM Re: A little bad luck [Re: Fred_C]
LeftyBlues Offline
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Loc: Cincinnati, Ohio
Not the Carvin!! Glad you weren't hurt, that's the main thing. If you haven't settled with your insurance company, the price they give you is totally negotiable.
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#2447455 - 10/23/12 12:39 PM Re: A little bad luck [Re: LeftyBlues]
whitefang Offline
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Just how little does your insurance company think your car was worth that you need to sell one of your CHILDREN to make a good downpayment?
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#2447555 - 10/23/12 06:55 PM Re: A little bad luck [Re: Fred_C]
Scott Fraser Offline
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Cars come & go in our lives. A guitar, however, can be an important companion all the way down the road. If that Carvin is 'the right one', you better keep it.
Scott Fraser

#2447572 - 10/23/12 07:52 PM Re: A little bad luck [Re: Scott Fraser]
Caevan O'Shite Offline
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I'm sorry to read of that, and I hope that you can work it out to keep your guitar!
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#2447818 - 10/25/12 06:24 AM Re: A little bad luck [Re: Fred_C]
skipclone 1 Offline
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I lost a best friend this summer, got defriended on facebook this week, then today I wanted to load some naughty Halloween pics I took to photobucket, and I came back to my building and someone asked me about them-because they saw them on facebook.
At least my guitars are okay.
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