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#2432010 - 08/15/12 06:58 AM Some help for curing writers block.....
SafeandSound Offline

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I hope it is an inspiration:

Curing writers block
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#2432023 - 08/15/12 08:31 AM Re: Some help for curing writers block..... [Re: SafeandSound]
Griffinator Offline
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Best cure for writer's block is write, with no regard to the quality or utility of the writing. Waiting around to be inspired is not a path to success. Reaching out and taking inspiration by freely writing whatever nonsense comes to mind, that's what leads to successful writing. Don't ever stop writing, just don't self-vet so much that you cripple the natural ebb and flow of your inspiration.

#2432171 - 08/16/12 03:51 AM Re: Some help for curing writers block..... [Re: Griffinator]
Joe Muscara Offline
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What Griff said. My version of that is usually something like, "it's okay to suck." Go ahead and write something terrible. Let it be terrible. Laugh at how terrible it is if you must. But don't stop there. Keep going and finish it. Then keep writing. Keep sucking. Let it out. Do the editing and critiquing later.

#2438050 - 09/12/12 07:08 AM Re: Some help for curing writers block..... [Re: Joe Muscara]
Eric Iverson Offline
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That's how I do it - let it flow, edit later!
As I get older, I have learned that a LOT OF EDITING is needed, if I want to perform the things I write for discerning audiences, LOL!

#2462221 - 01/11/13 11:49 AM Re: Some help for curing writers block..... [Re: Eric Iverson]
Ekewaka Offline
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Flow is indeed important. No flow, no creativity. You break the flow if you set up expectations, goals and expected results.

#2498664 - 06/03/13 01:30 PM Re: Some help for curing writers block..... [Re: Ekewaka]
sidebyside Offline

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I have to agree here, I`ll write a lot of free verse imperfect rhyme..then go back and hack through it.

#2646191 - 12/08/14 11:41 PM Re: Some help for curing writers block..... [Re: sidebyside]
maya112 Offline

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Thanks for the share....

#2792273 - 07/23/16 08:29 AM Re: Some help for curing writers block..... [Re: maya112]
Huggy Bear Offline

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I would suggest, if it's legal where you live, enhancing your, well, everything with some cannabis... Those who tried know what I'm talking about. Those who didn't are going to be pleasantly surprised...
Also, like not being able to fall asleep, pressure in life may have a bad effect on your creative output. (some would say the opposite I assume), but personally I can't think about writing anything when my life is in a bad place.
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