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#2430003 - 08/05/12 07:14 AM Putting earth onto non earthed products?
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I have a dilemma in my home studio. I have a Wurlitzer 200 Electric piano, upon which my Nord Stage has just been placed. However when I plug the Nord in, the hum off the Wurlis amp goes up. As the Nord is two pin, I am presuming its an earth issue. Is their a way of placing an earth on these products? I don't really have the space to move it off the Wurli so i'm hoping theres something i can do.

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#2430024 - 08/05/12 10:54 AM Re: Putting earth onto non earthed products? [Re: Gary75]
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I'm inclined to think that's RF interference coming from the Nord's CPU being picked up by the Wurli's amp.

Ground loops (what you're thinking of) are caused by the interconnecting of various devices (via a mixer) and the subsequent crosstalk being expressed as hum. That's where lifting the earth (shorting the 3rd pin) on one or more of the devices becomes useful. Trying to add an earth to one or both of them won't solve your problem, I don't think.

#2436354 - 09/04/12 08:36 PM Re: Putting earth onto non earthed products? [Re: Griffinator]
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I agree, Griff. I think it's a proximity issue, not ground.


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