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#2428471 - 07/28/12 12:30 PM GP Guitar Reviews
DekeRivers Offline

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Question for the eds : The guitar reviews in the magazine, in the specs section, any chance you could put a bit more detail for 'frets' other than just the dang number of them they counted on the thing? Some of your more discerning readers might be interested to know the height and width ( and more often nowdays, the material ) of the critters.
Also, some more details about neck specs would be good, you know, 'it's .800" at the 1st, .930" at the 12th, C shape'. Or how about if it's a Gloss or Satin finish?
I appreciate that the manufacturers don't usually bother their arse to provide this high falutin' info, but all your reviewer has to do is get out their dial calipers and start measuring.

Educational for the reader, easy for the reviewer.

All the best,

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#2429041 - 07/31/12 08:11 AM Re: GP Guitar Reviews [Re: DekeRivers]
Fred_C Online   content
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I agree.

I often feel that the reviews (particularly guitar) are way too brief, superficial and lack specific detail.

When it comes to reviews, there is no such thing as "too much information".
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#2506237 - 06/26/13 01:21 PM Re: GP Guitar Reviews [Re: Fred_C]
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Browsing through the UK 'Guitarist' magazine, I notice that, in addition to giving the nut width in their guitar reviews, they also give the bridge width *and* the string spacing.

Meanwhile, Guitar Player are for some reason telling us which frickin' strings it comes from the factory with.

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#2564820 - 01/24/14 05:18 AM Re: GP Guitar Reviews [Re: DekeRivers]
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Mmn-hmn... detes on frets and other relevant dimensions would be welcomed.

Though I can understand how the string type and guages on the reviewed instrument have a bearing on the described perceptions of tone, feel, playability, stylistic pros and cons; if it is said to sound bright and thin with light-gauge nickel-plated steel strings, I'd know that I could warm and fatten it up and add some midrange-punch with, say, some heavier pure/solid-nickel strings.
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