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#2417180 - 06/06/12 11:36 AM Using The Hammond XK-1 pedals on your SK-1
Dr.Nick Offline

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I purchased the Hammond SK-1 Keyboard and it's a real killer! Great on-board sounds plus draw-bars. The digital Leslie is one of the best I've ever heard. I was thinking of purchasing a new switch pedal for the Leslie fast/slow control and a new expression pedal for the SK-1 BUT I kept both from my XK-1 (that I sold) and they work fine on the SK-1 too! So save yourself some bucks by using the V-20R expression pedal from the XK-1 as well as the switch pedal from the XK-1. I am also using my Yamaha FC 4 damper pedal for the piano sounds. Love my SK-1!!!

KC Island
#2417202 - 06/06/12 01:33 PM Re: Using The Hammond XK-1 pedals on your SK-1 [Re: Dr.Nick]
tompass Offline
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Did you have opportunity to compare the SK1 to some of the other boards? You can also use the XPK bass pedals on the SK series.

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#2417821 - 06/08/12 03:56 PM Re: Using The Hammond XK-1 pedals on your SK-1 [Re: tompass]
digiplay Offline
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Hi Guys!

I have received my SK1 and I'm going to give you my 2 cents on it.

I use my gear for playing live. I own a Roland Fantom X7 that I use as my main keyboard (I love the Internal Sounds and Expansion Board capability, the Display size and how easy it is to layer and split the keyboard, not to mention its cutting sounds) and I wanted a second keyboard that would give me: #1 most important, the best sounding B3 Organ and Leslie. #2, great sounding Electric Pianos and Clavs. #3, a really good sounding Piano (as I don't use Piano that much, but when I do, the Roland does the job for me).
I also own a Nord Electro 3, a Nord Stage 2 Compact and a Kurzweil PC361 with a NEO Vent. Please note that I wanted a "Master" of a few sounds vs. a keyboard like the Kurzweil that had a ton, and I mean a ton of great sounds, that I didn't really need (not to mention how long it takes to scroll through and hear all the sounds the first time!).

So here we go!

1) The SK1 Organ sounds better/more realistic than anything I have. The best way to describe it is that it sounds like a "Hammond", whereas the Nord and Kurzweil sound like a Nord and a Kurzweil trying to sound like a Hammond. Obviously the Nord and the Kurzweil sound great, but not like a "Hammond".
2) The SK1 Leslie gives the Vent (which sounds even better than the new Leslie model on the Stage 2) a serious challenge. So close in fact, that I have already sold the Vent, as there's not a $450.00 difference in the sound, if any.
3) The Electric Pianos/Clavs on the SK1 sound as good as the Nord or Kurzweil ones.
4) The SK1 Pianos sound great when playing along with Guitars, Bass, Drums, etc.
5) Action wise, the SK1 feels just right to me, as it is a little stiff (similar to the NE3 and Stage 2), relatively speaking, and I prefer that to the synth action of the PC361.
6) I can split/layer the SK1 into 2 zones, with one of the zones always having to be a Organ, but that's what I wanted in the first place. You can split/layer the Stage 2 infinitely more, but remember that I told you why I wanted a second keyboard to go along with my Fantom X7. The Stage 2 is capable of far more splitting/layering than the SK1, but it exceeds what I need for my second keyboard (not to mention the $1000.00 + difference in price between it and the SK1).
7) The SK1 weighs about 16 lbs., and if you gig regularly, you can appreciate that fact!

I won't even get into how deep the SK1 can be edited (as in the different model B3's and Leslies, etc.). I'm just talking about the Factory Sounds as they come on the keyboard.

Now I know the Nord Electro 4D is about to come out and that it has the newest B3 and Leslie Models (like the Nord C2D has), but I'm willing to bet that it will still sound like a Nord (not bad, btw) and I'm happy settling with and owning a Hammond! Plus, the NE4D can't be split or layered.
IMHO, Nord should have called it a Nord Electro 3D, as besides the addition of the drawbars and new Engines, it still is mainly a updated/newer version Nord Electro 3 (even though I find it interesting that the NE4D will have a better Organ/Leslie than the flagship Nord Stage 2).

#2420870 - 06/21/12 06:46 PM Re: Using The Hammond XK-1 pedals on your SK-1 [Re: digiplay]
Delaware Dave Offline
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The hammond sk is essentially a dedicated organ/leslie clone with a few other sounds thrown in. The primary function of the sk is organ/leslie. The primary function of the kurzweil is not to be a hammond/leslie clone. How do the orchestral sounds of the sk compare to the kurzweil? How about the analog synth sounds? sax? Brass? strings? Hmmm, the sk has no offering in those depts. For an overall workstation I believe the kurz's (pc3) hammond/leslie is very respectable, better than most workstation offerings. Is it up to the quality of a dedicated clone? No, but I wouldn't expect it to be. But it ain't too shabby.
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#2424191 - 07/08/12 07:00 PM Re: Using The Hammond XK-1 pedals on your SK-1 [Re: Delaware Dave]
digiplay Offline
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Registered: 06/04/12
Posts: 63
Loc: Alabama, United States
Deleware Dave, I agree 100% about what you said in regards to the Kurzweil!
But please note what I said at the onset of my post, and that was that I wanted a "Master" of a few sounds (in this case a killer organ as a #1 priority) vs. a Workstation Keyboard like the Kurzweil that had a ton, (and I mean a ton) of great sounds that I didn't really need.


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