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#2409125 - 05/05/12 05:10 AM Update - Audio Interface/USB/Firewire/Midi/Latency/pops
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I came here to get help fixing my pops/cracks/latency issues I've been experiencing with my VST - Free Kontakt Player using Galaxy Vintage D VST.

Considering I assumed that most people who responded have been there before and have insight into my issues I must say that using a USB interface does work fine. My cheap interface was fine. It's the NI Traktor Audio 2. It's sold as a Virtual DJ interface but it works fine for my application.

Here's where I must say that I found other blogs who really helped me pinpoint the tools I needed to figure out my issues which were how my computer automated it processes and used valuable CPU resources.

Now it's my turn to give out information that I hope will help anyone in a similar situation.

These two utilities is where you start.

The most important one is LatencyMon. I couldn't download at their site but the link I posted will work.

This program gives you the information to tweak your computer for those processes that are stealing your resources.

Before I used these I went to the manufacturer of my computer and updated everything I could - BIOS, drivers, etc.

After I ran LantencyMon I realized the biggest user was my NVidia driver for my dedicated video card. As it turns out there are some issues with latest driver so I rolled back latest update to a previous version and turned off some of its quality controls. Since I'm not playing video games I don't even notice the changes. I also disabled the ACPI battery control in device manager.

That's all it took to fine tune my computer. I didn't have to even turn off wireless, internal speakers or other devices. Those two tweaks allows me to run 64 samples and 1ms USB buffer with a latency of 5.4ms. I probably can go even lower but haven't tried yet.

I hope this helps anyone avoid all the time it took me researching and trying different combinations.

Lastly here's my shout out to Galaxy Vintage D and Neo Soul Keys for giving me some great updates to my live gigging gear. I run this from my FP4. I run computer to input of piano which allows me to use internal speakers as well as my stereo GK system.

I hope all this works at next gig. I am hoping for the best.

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#2409156 - 05/05/12 09:10 AM Re: Update - Audio Interface/USB/Firewire/Midi/Latency/pops [Re: 16251]
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16251, THANKS for giving back. thu

This is useful info to me.

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#2409157 - 05/05/12 09:32 AM Re: Update - Audio Interface/USB/Firewire/Midi/Latency/pops [Re: ITGITC?]
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Great update, thanks!

#2409166 - 05/05/12 10:17 AM Re: Update - Audio Interface/USB/Firewire/Midi/Latency/pops [Re: ITGITC?]
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Originally Posted By: ITGITC?

16251, THANKS for giving back. thu

This is useful info to me.


Yup- same here. I couldn't remember what that dpc utility was called until now. This helped me several years ago trace down an ASUS Mother Board utility program that was screwing up my audio until I disabled it. With my recent upgrade to a Rampage 4 none of the ASUS utilities are a problem and this dpc latency tool shows continuous low level latency. Thanks again.


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