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#2405756 - 04/22/12 01:27 PM Looking for a bass channel strip. SansAmp?
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[Cross posting this from the LowDown forum]
Hi, I am thinking of something to educate the signal in my alternate (read primary) setup.
I have a power amp in the living room that is quite strong in tone options, it is a Yamaha BBT 500H, has eleven emulations, five band eq with sweepable bands, fully programmable compressor, three types of distortion and some sort of speaker emulator.
It is also somewhat light, being aroung 6 pounds. It sits on his 2x10 for the occasional rehearsal when all the members of the family are somewhere else.
In my bedroom I have a Behringer mixer, an M-Audio Ozone audio board with keys and full midi controller functionality.
Some leftover pseudo audiophile components complete the rig: a Dr Thomas power amp, rated 100+100W and two tiny Celestion satellite speakers who where meant for the back of a 5:1 setup, but are really sweet sounding speakers.
The tone I have from the setup is too dry.
I can have better sound tweaking GarageBand, but I would like to have a better sound from the beginning of the chain.
I have two options, one is moving the power amp to the bedroom, but I do not like the sight of a 2x10 of nothing on it.
The other option is to sell some unused gear and trade for a channel strip worth its name.
First name I though was SansAmp, second was SansAmp RBI, but there are many other alternatives, maybe Aguilar. Budget is around 250, stretchable if I can trade more of my old junk.
I like the overdrive options of the SansAmp. How different is the RBI from its stomp box sister?
What are your suggestions?
The gear I would trade in if they take it is Boss Syb-5 Synthesizer, A Seymour Duncan Little '59 Strat humbucker. Sonuus I2M, USB pitch to midi interface.
I also would like to send away the Behringer Mixer that send out a full spike when I power off, this means that if I forget to turn off the amp 20 seconds before I turn off the power strip I get a full 100+100W spike in my poor speakers. The mixer is there mostly for volume control and stereo input and I think I have to keep it anyway.
-- Michele Costabile (

#2406146 - 04/23/12 04:28 PM Re: Looking for a bass channel strip. SansAmp? [Re: Michele C.]
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I own an RBI,and I like it for recording,but you probably will not find one for $250.00.The bass driver you can get for around $200.00 new,I've never used one,but I heard alot of people rave about the high quality of Tech 21 pedals.I know a bass player who gets great tone using the RBI into a 1000 watt QSC bridged stereo power amp with a compressor inserted,then to a 810 cab.He loves it for a live bass rig.He owns a music store,and could use just about any bass rig he wanted to,but he choses this option.

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