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#2370490 - 12/29/11 08:13 AM Casio WK 7500
bluesdisciple Offline
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Hey...Long time, no post here.

I was in local music store yesterday and came across a Casio WK 7500. I have used a Casio WK 3700 in bands for years and absolutely love it....good sounds at a great price. Best $400 I ever spent. I also play a '56 Hammond C3/Leslie 122A combination too.

Problem for me: My oldest son will be going to college in August and that alone will make hauling my Hammond impossible due to not having anyone to help with loading it up in my van. So I am thinking I need to finally give in to a clone. Probem number two: My older son will also be a senior in college---two tuition bills at one time. So there probably won't be alot of extra change to buy a Nord/SK/etc. next August.

So...I was wondering if anyone has any opinion on the Casio WK 7500 and its Organ bank with sliders, percussion and leslie sim. I played it yesterday and I acknowledge that it is far from a Nord or other high end clone. What bothered me most about is that it is somewhat "tinny" sounding and lacks the warmth of the other clones. Is there some way to bring some more lower end warmth to the Casio tones?

I would be open to adding a 1/4" inch jack to my Leslie to run the Casio through if needed. I just want to be able to get more low-end warmth to the 7500's sound.

Any experiences with this keyboard or hints to improve the sound?

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And yes folks, I do gig with a Casio WK 3700...So there!

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#2370499 - 12/29/11 08:40 AM Re: Casio WK 7500 [Re: bluesdisciple]
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You could add some sort of tube pre amp for warmth i.e. SpeakEasy ...or maybe see how it would sound through a Neo Ventilator. I'd guess you'd get some nice depth out of the Leslie too. First thing I would do though is try running it through a little mixer or Equalizer and see if you can adjust EQ to get the sound more to your liking. What are you using for amplification?
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#2370504 - 12/29/11 08:53 AM Re: Casio WK 7500 [Re: Lord_Nord]
AnotherScott Online   content
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One thing to be aware of is that, while the WK-7500 does have sliders that simulate drawbar adjustments, they can only be set to 4 positions, rather than 9 positions as on a real Hammond or clonewheel.

SInce you already have the WK3700, and it is doing the job for you except for organ, then for not too much more than the price of the WK-7500 you could get an iPad (Apple has 1st Gen refurbs for $399, if you want to keep the price down), GarageBand ($5), and MIDI interface ($70), and run a pretty nice sounding organ out of that, triggering it from your existing board. It has its limitations too, but I think it's impressive for the price, and the iPad opens up a bunch of other possibilities for you as well. And if you happen to already own one, well, then this is a dirt cheap way to go.
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