Before someone asks, yes I've submitted a ticket to Cakewalk Technical Support. However, due to the uniqueness of my access situation and that I have some paying work coming due, I'm getting a little desperate. I'm having trouble finding anyone who can think outside the box enough to really grok how I work. So, I'm posting all over.

First, let me explain how I usually do things, so you have some idea of what I'm talking about, when I get to my problem/question.

I'm a blind computer user, meaning I have software generically called a Screen Reader, which reads out what it can from the screen using synthesized speech. I access Windows, applications etc. through the keyboard - no mouse here! In Cakewalk Sonar, I often have only one way to access effect parameters of many plug-ins, and that is through the Track Inspector.

For example, I might insert Wave Arts Final Plug on the Master Bus, hit I to go into the inspector, then arrow up and down to access four parameters at a time. To get at the rest of the exposed parameters, I bring up the context menu and pick "Reassign Control", which gives me a list of all available parameters. This is not elegant like how you guys do things with the actual plug-in interface and mouse, but it often works where no other access method does for users who are blind.
For example, this is the only way I can get at controls in Waves, Wave Arts, Slate Digital and others. It allows my screen reading software to read out parameter values, and announce when I change them with keystrokes.

Here's my puzzling situation. If I have an effect patched into an audio track's effects bin, and then go to the Master Bus and patch another effect into its bin, I cannot access the parameters of that Master Bus effect. When I go into the Inspector, and it still shows the parameters for the Track effect! In other words, the Inspector has not followed me to the Bus Pane effect.

I've gotten a sighted person to verify that indeed, when I'm on the Master bus and bring up the inspector, it still shows controls for the effect patched into my audio track's effects bin. So, at least I know it isn't my access technology getting in the way.

Note: If I insert an effect on a bus and access it right away, I can get to its parameters. But, as soon as I go somewhere else, to an audio track for example, the same thing happens. The inspector doesn't follow me there and still shows the bus effect parameters.

I hope the above makes some sense. Is there a setting in Sonar to affect how the Inspector behaves?

I'm really stumped, since I've been doing this for years with various versions of Sonar, under XP. This only started happening once I went 64-bit, Win7 etc. I'm not prepared to go back to my old Pentium 4 with XP though, or at least I'd like to avoid this, as it severely limits my track count etc.

thanks for reading all this, for your time and any help,


System: AMD Phenom II 965 processor (4 cores at 3.4GHZ), 16 GB ram, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and Sonar Producer 8.53 64-bit. Various 32- and 64-bit plug-ins.