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#2212954 - 07/20/10 10:33 AM A simple desultory phillipic...
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Dear Editors,

HANG-A-YOU-HEADS IN SHAME, YA BUMS, YA! “Why,” you ask? In the August issue of your otherwise fine magazine, in the Spotlight section on page 77, lower right-hand corner, there is a picture and text describing Ernie Ball Coated Titanium Slinky strings. No big deal you say, you advertise Ernie Ball products all the time. So what’s got my tighty whities in an irritative wad?

THEY ARE GAUGED .009”-.046” FOR ELECTRIC GUITAR! And, a trip to my local GC verified the fact that the comparable set of strings for BASS GUITAR is not priced $17.00, either!

Have you been infiltrated by evil advertising agents from (A-HEM!)“that other magazine whose name shall remain unmentioned” ? Can’t a bass man even read the periodical that bears his very appellative on its very face without being subjected to products for that inferior stepchild relative of the one true string-ged instrument? It’s enough to raise a low-ender’s vocalizations into the soprano range!

Oh, the disgrace, the blasphemy, the out & out peccavimic perverseness of it all!

Great issue otherwise.

Have a nice day,
Mike Vande,
Semi-Literate Bassist & Recovering Six-Stringer
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#2234397 - 09/30/10 05:48 PM Re: A simple desultory phillipic... [Re: picker]
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This may be news to many (it certainly was to me) but according to the most recent issue of BPlayer I have uncertain; Bootsy cover) there are only 2, [count 'em T-W-O], staffers at BPlayer magazine.
This applies mostly to the idea that the mag should not have any flaws but may also apply to the idea that making some cheddar, Jack, comes into play for any functional biz upon which we depend.
Advertise some imaginary product ?
Heck, yeah !
Including for, cough, cough, geetarers ?
Heck yeah !
Send me (& maybe you) a free copy as a professional courtesy (snail & e-mail) ?
Heck, yeah !
Stay up late gettin' alla the possible details correct when folks is just as likely to send in snarl-o-phonic mail that includes such mystery words as
Originally Posted By: picker
...peccavimic perverseness...

Not as preiceless as getting some sleep.


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