Hey guys,
I'd just like to say up front I'm a drummer, but the kind who prefers to play with a band, so I thought I'd just express my thoughts on the importance of bass to people that I hope will appreciate them.
A lot of people talk about bass as a glue that keeps everything stuck together, although I prefer to see it as the air in a balloon. A balloon on it's own of course an item in it's own right, and yet it's rather useless. That is until you put the air into it, giving it depth, character, shape, form and essentially life. I have always thought of the bass this way and thought it would be nice to share my appreciation of that to a group of musicians I feel are one of the most essential in making music. Although I do play the drums I like to think of myself as a musician first and foremost and without the bass I don't think I could.

Thanks for reading.