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#2070307 - 05/02/09 07:43 AM Call me old fashioned
1964 Offline

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Okay ,so I'm checking out the new issue and happen to stumble upon the last pages of ads and found the ad for tastefuljam!!!

So whats the deal ? does guitar player honestly need the the cash ,come on how much are they paying for the ad ? an x rated site !!!!
My 16 year student now has a subscription ,ya think she needs to stumble upon that ? yeah it does warn you prior to entering the site , but !!!!! guitar player has always been such a great mag , I'm beginning to wonder .

#2072700 - 05/08/09 08:50 AM Re: Call me old fashioned [Re: 1964]
G. A. Donis Offline
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I'm a fairly liberal, older guy and am an avid supporter of freedom of speech and people watching or reading whatever they want so I have no problems with the existence of x-rated content. Having said that I would have to say that I do not want that type of content in my guitar magazine. I didn't see the particular ad in question but is it possible that there was a typo in the web address or possibly there is some less than above board (and not intended by the actual advertisers) re-directing of traffic from their site to an unrelated site?

Just wondering out loud.
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#2074988 - 05/14/09 04:35 PM Re: Call me old fashioned [Re: G. A. Donis]
RoC1909 Offline

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Upon looking at the site, I do have to say that I am surprised that it is a X rated site. The site does have a disclaimer at start, but as a whole, it is kind of lame (it's guitar instruction with naked and/or scantly clad women). Hell, if I want guitar lessons, I don't need to be motivated to learn by watching a naked chick giving me the lessons.


#2075610 - 05/16/09 09:23 AM Re: Call me old fashioned [Re: RoC1909]
Eric Iverson Offline
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If I'm taking guitar lessons, I'd have no objection to my teacher being a woman if she knew what she was talking about. But, at least DURING the lesson, please keep your clothes on, so I concentrate on the MUSIC!

I'm not sure how male painters with nude female models do it... maybe they just get used to it or are just so focused on the details of their craft that they don't even notice.. but somehow I doubt it!

Of course, male doctors seem to able to examine female patients without becoming aroused.. and vice versa. Clinically detached, I guess they call it.