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#2068370 - 04/25/09 12:40 PM Do I Really Need 'Windows Media Server' ???
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...[it's been so long since I launced my music site, I forgot why I thought it was neccessary, but]...

my Hosting service (Hostway) offered Windows Media Server at the time. I wanted visitors to have the ability to quickly stream .wma's, so I went for the cost.

now...I'm unemployed; & money is real, I was thinking of dropping Hostway...going over to GoDaddy; & switching my means of musical delivery to .mp3's.


1) How much slower is mp3 streaming from a conventional server than .wma from a dedicated server ???

2) Is there a way to speed it (mp3) up (save decreasing file size) ???

3) Will .wma's stream without the dedicated server; & if is that implemented ???

I really need to save money in this economy...but I don't want my listeners to suffer. Is that possible ???




I remember now...fear of piracy (someone convinced me that it's impossible for an end user to save a streamed .wma on their PC). So by utilizing WMS, visitors to my site could hear an entire song...but not swipe it.

So...a follow up question:

If I find the html code to EMBED .wma's in a that: A) just as fast (in terms of streaming...i.e., not having to use Windows Media Server) ??? B) just as secure ???

how about embedding .mp3's as a solution...but the end user has to have the particular player installed on their system, correct ???

Thanks again,


#2068511 - 04/26/09 06:10 AM Re: Do I Really Need 'Windows Media Server' ??? [Re: mark4man]
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The simplest way to secure your music on a site is the way Myspace does it - with an embedded flash player.

#2087427 - 06/17/09 08:29 PM Re: Do I Really Need 'Windows Media Server' ??? [Re: Griffinator]
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Nothing is secure.

Download Audicty for free...hit play on any YouTube or MySpace website...and then hit Record on Audacity.

Who needs to download it when they can just record it as it plays.....
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