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#2042282 - 02/10/09 01:11 PM MOTU DISREGARD FOR CUSTOMERS!!!
mr.groove Offline

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I've been a faithful user of DP since the 2.6 version. After several versions of the software, a variety of MOTU hardware interfaces, and MachFive 1 & 2, I see myself absolutely disregarded by MOTU who fails to answer my request for technical support. Over 50 attempts to reach their tech support phone line during a course of 3 days, and "tech links" that have not been answered since Feb 05, on an issue started on January 6, covering all possible ways to contact them to no avail.

In dialing their customer service number, I reach a receptionist who is rude, short, and couldn't care less for the customer's needs. She interrupts you before you finish explaining your needs, professes a response script, and discards you stating that she has another call .Her name is "Tia" (I'm not sure of the spelling).

I'm a professional producer, arranger, composer, with award winning CD credits and Grammy Nomination, I have been a reviewer for Cakewalk in the past, and I endorse several other brands, and I can guarantee you all that never ever in my life I was treated the way I have been treated by MOTU.

By the way, I do not expect any special treatment . . . just the basic courtesy of an answer, an attempt to resolve a legitimate issue.

By now, despite the recent award granted by Keyboard Mag, we every-day users of Digital Performer know quite well that version 6, up to this moment, is a terrible FLOP!

It doesn't matter how many exciting features you bundle a software with . . .
When you cannot perform the simple, basic operations such as saving a plug-in setting, the software is useless.

Nevertheless, the worst of all is the lack of respect with which MOTU has treated its faithful customers and supporters!

I stand behind my words, so feel free to contact me about this subject.
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I hope this triggers MOTU to wake up and fix this unacceptable state in which we, the buyers, are left hanging in.

#2043205 - 02/13/09 06:48 AM Re: MOTU DISREGARD FOR CUSTOMERS!!! [Re: mr.groove]
Bill@Welcome Home Studios Offline
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"I hope this triggers MOTU to wake up and fix this unacceptable state in which we, the buyers, are left hanging in."

Good luck.

I left MOTU for RME due to the (lack of knowlegable..) tech support 10 years ago. (By the way, when I removed the MOTU drivers from my computer and installed the RME drivers, all of my problems were solved. MOTU Tech had said that it was not a MOTU issue.)
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#2043265 - 02/13/09 09:00 AM Re: MOTU DISREGARD FOR CUSTOMERS!!! [Re: Bill@Welcome Home Studios]
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Yeah...that's been an ongoing tennis game in the computer world for many years now!

You call the software vendor about your problems...they say it's not their software, it's the hardware.
You call the hardware vendor...they say it's the software.

It's very difficult to find one tech support POC that will "straddle" that fence and work both ends to find the solution.
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#2054367 - 03/16/09 02:05 PM Re: MOTU DISREGARD FOR CUSTOMERS!!! [Re: miroslav]
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So did MOTU ever take care of you, Mr. Groove?
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