This particular kick is from a mid to late 70's Rogers "Butcher-Block" kit. First, I tuned it. Then I stuck in a Sennheiser e602, about four inches to the left of center, about half way into the shell (no front head), about 15 degrees off axis, pointing at the beater. This position was arrived at by listening in the control room while my wife moved the mic around as the boy beat on the drum. I recorded it through a PreSonus Bluetube into an M-Audio ProjectMix I/O, into a Mac G5--with no compression.

In Pro Tools, I gated it with the DigiRack gate. Then the DigiRack 7-band eq rolled off at about 50 Hz, steeply. Then added about a 4 db bump at 200 Hz and a 3 db bump at 5 kHz. Post eq was a Bomb Factory 1176 set at a 4:1 ratio and about 7-8 db of reduction.

That's about it. No delay or reverb.

The featured song at this link is "Departing" (the other songs [with drums]have the same kick treatment).


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