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#1966641 - 07/06/08 07:37 AM GP Covers
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New subscriber

Why I subscribed to GP over the competition: price, coverage of more types of music (some of the other magazines only seem to cover metal, which is great, but it gets old)

I also choose GP becuase it had less trash in it. I understand that part of guitar culture is being wild and not conforming, but I have absolutely no desire for nearly naked women to be on every page of the magazine I'm reading. Yes, it appeals to the many boys and men who read the mag. And that's the key to advertising, but come on. Call me a prude, but crap is crap. At least with GP I don't have to get rid of as much crap.

I love that multiple genres are covered, and there are a ton of instructionals. The gear review are great, but I would like to see more inexpensive gear reviewed since that's what I can afford.

I originally picked up a competitor because of the included media, but later purchased and subscribed to GP because I think the quality is just better. I don't mind going to the internet for the downloads and video. Plus the price is much better.

I don't really care who's on the cover. But covering a wide variety of artists is a big plus. I appreciate that the content of the mag is clean for the most part. I don't expect a 'family friendly' guitar magazine (I'd buy one if I found it though), but I want one I can leave out when I have my nieces over and not worry about.

Overall, the mag's great.

#1983633 - 08/23/08 05:14 PM Re: GP Covers [Re: apg]
LessPaul Offline

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There are dozens of threads about the cover issue, so I'll add my opinion to this one instead of creating a new one. First, to identify myself I am a very long-time subscriber (1979 I believe), I am a 44 year old male, I taught myself how to play over 30 years ago, I despise alternate tunings and deep music theory and love to just pick up the instrument and play for fun. I don't get to play daily, but I enjoy learning some new songs and jamming with others. My main focus is rock, but I also pick up the acoustic and play some Buffett and other folksy stuff. I am in South Carolina and I work as a Civil Engineer to keep a roof over my head.

To me the cover article is usually a chance, once a month, for me to learn something new about someone I may or may not have heard or heard of. Like many of the other posts, I too love Hendrix...but please no more covers of him. I think he died when he was 27 years old, over 30 years ago, and plenty of new talent has come along since then.

If I were editor for a day, I would go with a cover shot of someone who is playing current, most likely mainstream, music who many guitarists may want to learn some more about. The Brad Paisley issue is a great example - I knew he was a good guitarist, but really didn't pay much attention to his style until I read his interview. And I would add some new guitarists people may not have heard of. I can still very clearly remember opening my mail many years ago to find an issue with an unknown guitarist on it and the tag line "Who is Eric Johnson and why is he on our cover?" Talk about a kick in the seat of the pants for guitarists everywhere (not to mention Eric's career). THAT was a classic issue and it stood out with me for all this time! While Beck, Clapton, Page, and the others are important, I don't agree that they should be on the cover anymore. Let's have some articles about them, what they are doing, what is to learn from their style, but it's 2008 and I want to know who is out there now, playing their heart out, and what can I learn from them. Having a "modern" guitarist on the cover might help with newstand sales, and for me, it will keep me from feeling like that old-timer guitarist who is getting some more mileage from the old guys and not enough info from the new ones.

As a side note, you might want to see what's up with the members of Dr. Hook and see about getting their guitarist on the cover pretty soon before he gets creative with his lyrical licensing. At least you know you'll sell five extra copies to his mother!

To conclude, let me say I read 90% of your magazine cover to cover every single month. I rarely buy the knock-off guitar magazines with the bikini babes on the cover (I'm not knocking babes in bikinis, but there's a time and place for everything), and GP coming each month is like a birthday present every time. I enjoy it immensely - except, as I mentioned at the start, for those tedious articles on music theory and alternate tunings. I'm too old to be that serious about it - it's a guitar and is a great tool for creativity and fun without getting too deep about the theoretical aspects.

One other suggestion would be a monthly top ten list of music venues in various cities and why they are such attractions to those cities. If you are in need of someone to travel around the US checking out these venues and writing about them, and the beer they serve, you have my contact info. \:\)

I know I could go on and on, but I'll shut up now and let you get back to the magazine. I can honestly say that no matter who is on the cover, GP is the best magazine of any topic I read by a mile - keep up the good work!
Merrill in South Carolina

#1995677 - 09/25/08 08:59 PM Re: GP Covers [Re: LessPaul]
another LP owner Offline

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age:13 sex:M style:classic rock, some times some metal. ok so heres what i think. i think reading about guitar legends making history is pointless. if they're going to put those guys/bands on their covers they should at least talk about techniques they used. otherwise i find it very useless.i just subscribed to the mags, and i want to be getting tips and lessons on how to get better not a history lesson on a guy who was probably drunk/high half his life. what i think lessons, tips, and maybe buying guides are most important. which they have, but i think that should be the main focus. sincerely, "another LP owner"