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#1954286 - 06/06/08 06:41 PM Covers
JonC Offline

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I am amazed that the covers today are basically the same as when I read GP back in the 70's. Same guys. I firmly believe there are young groups today that are making music that is as vital, energetic, and GOOD as any in my lifetime. There are not a lot of shredding leads but there are GREAT leads. While some of my older brothers are still making tremendous music (Alex Lifeson comes to mind) some of my 'new favorite' bands go unsung and uncovered in your fine pages with exception of maybe a paragraph or two. The Used, Chevelle, Flyleaf, Coheed and Cambria, Revelation Theory, Taproot, Another Animal, Death Cab, John Mayor, The Distillers, Fall Out Boy, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Ty Tabor, Tommy Emmanual, Mr. North, Puddle OF Mudd, Seether, Switchfoot (to name but a few) all deserve the coverage today's "established' artists got when they were breaking on to the scene. What I see is a bunch of great guitarists who also hawk the products in the ads... Could it be you buncha old coots (I am 47) have become the (gasp) establishment? Could it be your cover decisions are swayed by the almighty dollar? Could it be your demographics have shifted to old guys like me or are you not attracting our youth by ignoring their generation's greats? Hmmmmm

And please, for goodness sake, knock off all the specific questions about the latest album that I can't even listen to yet. There is more to a great guitarist than his or her latest album. C'mon guys... Git yer MOJO back!

#1954322 - 06/06/08 08:34 PM Re: Covers [Re: JonC]
glennwillow Offline

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I am male, like an eclectic range of music, am 60 years old, and I'm a long-time subscriber. In response to Michael Molenda's question in the July, 08 issue about Guitar Player covers, I am not terribly sensitive to who's on the cover. I confess that I would love to see Tommy Emmanuel on your cover, but beyond that, your choices haven't bothered me one way or another. Regarding content, I know this is unrealistic, but if I had my choice, the magazine would have gear reviews filling 75% of your pages. Lessons and master classes are a waste of paper for me, though I probably should pay more attention. I do read the articles about artists but I generally forget their names when I turn the page because I don't know who these people are much of the time. When I do read about an appealing artist, I usually go to and look for their album and see if I'm interested in their music based on the samples that I can listen to. I've purchased many albums this way -- Tommy Emmanuel, Laurie Morvan, Joe Bonnamasa, John Mayer, Mark Knopfler, the Hellecasters in the past, etc. So your artist articles do open up my world. Still, the first thing I turn to when I get your magazine are the gear reviews.