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Joined: Mar 2008
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Joined: Mar 2008
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hi guys! to all our true MUSICPLAYER Brothers
We are Symphonia....a neoclassical power metal band from MALAYSIA

prior to the relese of Our 1st neoclassical rock/power metal Album - SATRIA NAGA
we believe this forum's members will give us more great inputs and advises toward our whole composition and soundwise too!

we record,mix & master this DIY product - using SONAR6
we hope you guys could leave a comment on this TECHNICAL ASPECTs!!

for listening preview on, pls click provided links(music nation)
01- Manusia :
03- Wira :
high-quality mastered audio's sample - 3rd mix version

We need Ur Comments
and as many as Technical Reviews!
Listen To these 2 and Pls do give and leave
a Positive/valuable Comments
on any topics such as:
Mixing/mastering Balance,Clarity & Dynamic
Neo-classical Approaches
Level of Song Compositions
Guitar Works(R,S,H,F,A)
Guitar Tones - personal preferences
SINGLE COIL OR HUMBUCKER pickup - which is much better in tones for this genre?
Drum&Bass Synchronisms
Vocal composures
Things we should retain, keep & continue
Things we should avoid
Things we should More or Less focus on

You May send ur review/comment by
click Add Comment link in our myspace Profile

For more infos pls visit our myspace :

future project album
so far 6 tracks has been finalised without vocal yet
So far confirmed tracks as below:
1- Liar (with vocal)
2- Perpetual
3- Overture 1622
4- Casting Pearl Before The Swine
5- Dark Ages (with vocal)
6- Rising Force (with vocal)
Intro and up to 1st solo sample of RisingForce uploaded in our myspace,

You May send ur review/comment by through here or if u hav myspace acc, pls click Add Comment link in our myspace Profile


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neoclassical single coil power metal rules!
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TPS cook & bottle washer
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Joined: Mar 2002
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Your post comes off like spam, bro. I'd tone down the promotional aspect a bit and just give us a link next time.

As to your recording job, yeah, it's pretty damned good for DIY. The guitars could use a little high end sweetening, and the bass guitar needs some definition, but otherwise it's a solid effort.

Musically, I'm the wrong guy to ask. Power Metal, to me, is a very small box - it all starts to sound the same from band to band, albun to album after a while. As best as I can tell, you're executing the genre as well as any "famous" power metal band I've ever heard (and I've heard a lot)

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Laker Hater
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Laker Hater
MP Hall of Fame Member
Joined: Apr 2005
Posts: 4,322
Coming at this from a management and studio perspective: Musically it sounds good. I was impressed with your equalization for the most part with the sole exception of the bass. I agree the guitars could use some high end sweetening since the music is primarily a showcase of your guitarist talents. These shredder guitarist are becoming a dime dozen so you need something to make you standout. To make the band sound better, I would seriously consider finding a new vocalist. His voice brings the rest of your sound down and takes away from the music side which is pretty solid IMO.

Since your obviously into Yngwie J Malmsteen, I can tell you from the beginning he never understood how his vocalist were the reason he wasn't going forward in the mainstream. Once he hooked up with Joe Lynn Turner, everything really opened up for him and more and more people started taking notice as his sound became more commercial. There was no doubting Yngwie's talent, but with Joe Lynn Turner, he crossed over from cult to more of a household name. Right now if you want to get into the mainstream your vocalist is your drawback. Of course other tangible things come into play and there are far too many to list, but from a listening perspective right off the bat, this is what comes to mind.

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