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#1828107 - 10/21/07 11:32 PM 2-Question Survey - Surround Professionals - Matrix vs Discr
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Hi All,

Please complete the 2-question survey....

I would be very grateful if you would all respond to the following two questions about your preferences to Matrix or Discrete surround sound formats.

I am doing a small qualitative research project for uni to examine preferential differences between Matrix and Discrete surround formats. This survey will inform the final report and be combined with the findings of my listening test on students.

Also, you may email me at if you like.

Here's the questions...


Intro: Responses to the following two questions will form part of the "survey opinions" for the research. They will help to shape the final stages of the project by informing the analysis and write-up. The responses will be treated in confidence. Responses can address any aspect of technology, science or industry / commercial matters. Preferably though, it is the personal views of industry professionals and avid users that I am seeking. The questions have been intentionally written as concisely as possible and are open ended to avoid restricting responses. Responses can be as short or as descriptive as desired. Feel free to distribute these questions to other people who may be interested in responding. Responses can be emailed to

Question 1. Do you have a preference for matrix or discrete surround formats? why? & in what situation(s)?

Question 2. Do you think there might be circumstances where the average consumer might prefer listening to matrix format? Please explain.

Please indicate your type of experience with surround technologies in the space below - 1. largely home listener; 2. professional engineer or mixer; or 3. design engineer for software or hardware.

Any further comments, thoughts or suggestions about the project can be made below.

Thanks everyone - look forward to your responses.


#1828996 - 10/23/07 12:53 PM Re: 2-Question Survey - Surround Professionals - Matrix vs Discr [Re: maryjunglehunter]
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Apologies, Mary, but people post these surveys here all the time, and 99% of the time it's someone collecting e-mail addresses for spamming purposes. Modus Operandi is the same every time: "I'm doing research for a school project"

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#1835009 - 11/03/07 12:19 PM Re: 2-Question Survey - Surround Professionals - Matrix vs D [Re: maryjunglehunter]
stuart Offline
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 Originally Posted By: maryjunglehunter
I am doing a small qualitative research project for uni to examine preferential differences...

I wouldn't mind if its for real. Do you have a website or some link at the university you are a part of? That would make me feel better about responding.

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#1882205 - 01/31/08 03:09 AM Re: 2-Question Survey - Surround Professionals - Matrix vs D [Re: stuart]
Neil Wilkes Offline
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I'll respond anyway.
The answers will change though, depending on the source material - TV or Music.
1 - Discrete every single time for me. Discrete is simply far superior in every way, despite what Dolby Labs will try to claim along with SRS. Matrixing is a compromise, akin to downmixing.
Artefacts are a definite possibility, plus the decoded result is not going to be the same as the discrete mix. It's like using a stereo downmix against a dedicated stereo mix.
2 - When watching TV, DPL II and Matrixing can be good. It is very difficult to deliver discrete surround for broadcast, as it tends to be restricted to HDTV which means pay per view or heavy subscription. When I supply for Broadcast or film, I will give a DTRS tape that has the discrete mix on tracks 1-6, and the Lt/Rt matrix on 7/8. This way, the broadcaster can play out the Lt/Rt and it will decode into something that is not as good as discrete, but definitely superior to vanilla stereo.