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#1802582 - 08/30/07 08:05 AM RUSH Snakes and Arrows article
JHughes Offline

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I read the "RUSH, The Recording Techniques Behind Snakes and Arrows" article with mounting excitement. As a long time RUSH fan, and with quotes from Producer Nick Rasculinecz such as "I challenged them to write the most screwed up, complicated instrumental that they had ever written" how could I not?

So, I "rushed" out to buy the CD. Unfortunately I never got to the aforementioned instrumental. In fact I could only listen for a very few seconds before I began to question my hearing. I quickly put on "Moving Pictures" and was met with blessed relief---my hearing was fine.

Analysis on my PC confirmed: This record has been ruined, presumably in mastering, but who knows? It's another damn square wave all the way through. I took the CD back to the store, wondering if the 180 gram vinyl or the SACD were any better. I won't be finding out with MY hard earned bucks.

Nick and RUSH, you guys should get your money back from Brian "Big Bass" Gardener. Of course, for all I know, you delivered it to him in the same sorry state. More likely you insisted he "make it louder", in which case you should pay him a penalty for damaging his excellent reputation. It's not his fault he couldn't refuse working on a new RUSH record, who could?

Man am I pissed. I thought you guys knew better.

One more thing, having all those mics on the drum kit may have provided some ambience and attack, but the sound is thin. You can use a tape measure on the snare all day long to keep it in phase, but what about the phase relationships of the toms? Sheesh. It takes SOME doing to make Neil Peart's drums sound thin.

I really enjoyed the article though. Your new long form interviews (first noticed with the Pete Townshend interview) are very welcome, and something I haven't seen since Studio Sound magazine went defunct.

Keep it up,

Jack Huggins
Atlanta, GA

#1802632 - 08/30/07 09:38 AM Re: RUSH Snakes and Arrows article [Re: JHughes]
miroslav Offline
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While I don't really listen to much of Rush (only what gets air play)...I do believe some previous releases of theirs were also criticized for the brickwall limiting approach.

EVERY CD that I have played that has been slammed irritable to my ears.
And I don't even have any real exceptional hearing! \:D
It's kinda' the same feeling you get when someone runs their fingernails across a chalkboard...but it's just more subtle, and usually after about 2-3 cuts, it has it's effect, where you just don't want to listen anymore.

I wonder what these artists and engineers are listening to when they let stuff like that get distributed...???
Maybe they are all listening to their original studio versions and are not aware just how horrible their CD sounds after it's been slammed...???

Well...if I was ever going to go check out a Rush CD...I guess this ain't gonna’ be the one! ;\)

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#1812400 - 09/18/07 06:57 AM Re: RUSH Snakes and Arrows article [Re: JHughes]
Dog BBQ Offline

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Well it's SNAFU for most of the older bands out there!!!

Weak Song writing

Dull production

The CD has No ENERGY to speak of!!!

Dull, Boring, Lackluster, Uninspired, Almost Tedious to get through, Very Tiresome


#1813279 - 09/20/07 06:42 AM Re: RUSH Snakes and Arrows article [Re: Dog BBQ]
audiorulez Offline
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Having heard the horrific mastering of that CD, I found the article almost comical. Indeed one of the worst sounding CD's ever, and certainly Rush's worst, the comments about the mastering in particular, and how they did not want it crushed to death in the process, just goes to show how little the boys from the great white north are actually listening to themselves "before and after".

#1814865 - 09/23/07 10:52 PM Re: RUSH Snakes and Arrows article [Re: audiorulez]
Bytored Offline
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Hell, Vapor Trails was really bad. in writing and recording IMHO. Snakes seems to be much better then Vapor Trails, at least in the recording and mastering aspect. Yes they are wavering but you have got to admit they STILL put on one kick ass show. This last performance I think was one of the top 3, out of 17, I have seen them put on.
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#1844434 - 11/20/07 06:19 PM Re: RUSH Snakes and Arrows article [Re: Bytored]
rpmartino Offline

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I think Snakes and Arrows sounds fantastic. The 5.1 mix is very nice too.

Vapor Trails had a lot of problems with clipping and harsh limiting.... it truly is fatiguing to listen to. S&A is loud for sure, but I find that it still has punch, dynamics and subtlety. They seem to have gone for a big, layered sound approach reminiscent of their 80s albums, and I think the mixing and production are quite successful in this regard.

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Rob Martino
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#1922568 - 04/05/08 11:28 PM Re: RUSH Snakes and Arrows article [Re: rpmartino]
RappinRandy Offline
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That sux , you guys should know better though. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

#2170190 - 03/06/10 12:27 PM Re: RUSH Snakes and Arrows article [Re: RappinRandy]
workstationM.I. Offline
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"Star Wars" thankfully WASN'T slammed into incomprehension.
Yes there was some compression apllied in mixdown but only enough so it would "pop".

If anyone here has the Special Edition Soundtrack for Star Wars,take another listen. It still sounds great after 30 + years!


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