Here are links to some of the more popular and useful threads in the forum:

• Introduce yourself and/or meet the other forum members in the Introductions thread.

• Share your music and tell others what you think of their music in the Let's Hear It! thread.

• Regular contributing forum members can tell us about CDs/downloads they have for sale in the Shameless Plugs subforum.

• Share other favorite internet sites in the Post your Cool Links Here thread.

• Into reharmonization? Check out The Reharm Room.

• Wanna know more about the origins of the forum? Read KC - A Brief History

• New to the neighborhood and want to get up to speed? Seek out the KC Commandments thread.

• In search of "wisdom" from your elders? Find out What older keys players should say to younger keys players

...and last - but by no means least - the epic Hall Of Fame/Shame thread collection.