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#1721152 - 03/22/07 12:00 AM Hey're a moderator now huh?
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How are things going nowadays with DVDlab pro + surround? I was so into the program when Oscar first brought it out, but the projects here have been everything but video, so I've lost track of how the program is developing. I take quick looks at the dvdlab forum from time to time and see your name around. It looks like the app has matured quite a bit.

#1721933 - 03/23/07 11:20 AM Re: Hey're a moderator now huh? [Re: BOOKUMDANO]
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It has indeed.
We've been doing serious amounts of DVD-Audio for the last 6 months - either I'm the only person left doing it, or there is an upsurge in interest again. And I know I'm not the only person doing it as Craig Anderson is doing some fine, fine work as well (Doors "Perceptions", David Crosby, all sorts)
But I digress - again (sheesh)
DLP really has come on in leaps & bounds.
It now directly supports DTS at up to 24/96 including the ES extensions, and Oscar has added the compact type of .cpt too.
With the plugin "ProExtensions" being updated to add ISRC codes (Previously this took either Scenarist or DVDAfterEdit on Mac, both expensive applications) there is little DLP cannot now do.
Button Over Video is allowed, so we can all do our own "Follow The White Rabbit" type features with cells (although of course this is illegal for import into a DVD-Audio project).
About the only thing it still cannot really do is emulate the build in software before compiling. And I am not sure this is an omission either - as it is almost impossible to emulate the effect of the actual multiplexing of all the assets accurately, it could even be though of AS a feature and not the lack of one.
The current build, 2.27, is the best yet - very stable.
Complete compliance and almost guaranteed correct functuionality can also be guaranteed to about 99.9% now, with the ability to turn off the Abstraction Layer & work directly with the low-level VM commands that DVD Players use.
After all - in most ProSumer Authoring, it is always the AL that causes bugs, glitches, unexpected behaviour & trouble. If you work at the low level VM command then the disc will either work or it will not. Any mistakes are going to be down to incorrect code, and not the hooks the AL uses to access those commands.
I love it, and am a big fan of what they are doing.