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#1696261 - 02/01/07 01:48 PM Vista intentionally degrades picture quality
stuart Offline
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I was reading the article 'Vista gives a view of a new world':

When I came across something that I didn't expect, mainly that "...the restrictions associated with the ability to play high-definition content from the next-generation Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs (referred to as "premium content"). He noted that Vista intentionally degrades the picture quality of premium content when played on most computer monitors."

Here's the link to the info the article was referencing:
vst bass manager

#1696266 - 02/01/07 01:57 PM Re: Vista intentionally degrades picture quality [Re: stuart]
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Yeah I read about that. Its pretty sh**y of them... It comes down to you having to use a specific hardware type (irrelevent of whether your current hardware supports HD). Just another point to M$ in the monopilisation of the computer industry.

I guess it could go 2 ways, 1) People move away from software that limits what they can and cannot do without due cause. 2) People will buy into it and some hardware manufacturers will be totally quids in, whereas others are left out to dry.

Im hoping for option 1, but I dont think that to be likely.

PS: The problem has already been addressed by a hacker who has successfully bypasssed this little hiccup, so if you were that way inclined, it shouldnt cause you a problem.

#1702524 - 02/15/07 05:37 AM Re: Vista intentionally degrades picture quality [Re: Trucks]
Neil Wilkes Offline
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Thread Locked - this has nothing at all to do with Surround!!