The most recent Santana story had a quotation that Carlos was stunned to find that Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton had never heard the great Eddie Hazel's performance on Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain", one of the most emotive & striking performances in modern pop-rock music.

I'm as alarmed as CS at this vagary (especially re: Clapton, a player whose entire career is set on a love of blues & R&B music).

I'm more worried, though, that the comment, while set out as a highlighted quote with the article, couldn't be found in the story; nor could I find it in the online version, which I hoped might include more of the actual conversation.

I don't think you misquoted Santana but I'd love to read the original context.

Puh-leeze! Can that be provided? Or can you point to where I might've missed it?