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#1689772 - 04/16/06 02:46 PM pitch to midi
sforzando Offline

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I would like to sing in the tracks on my DAW.
Can you recomend a pitch to midi app?
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#1689773 - 04/20/06 06:01 AM Re: pitch to midi
bryla Offline
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i honestly donīt think there is something like that. pitch is any kind of sound source recorded where as midi is triggering pre-recorded samples. So you should sing in a word/note at a time, apply them to each key and then trigger them as you record. but I think it is much easier to record direct in. I have done it with logic on my mac, so I donīt see why you would have the need of converting them to midi?
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#1689774 - 04/20/06 11:44 AM Re: pitch to midi
DafDuc Offline
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There used to be a consumer-grade unit they sold in the Penney's catalog that would do that. I don't know how well it worked - pitch recognition is touchy work, as any Melodyne user could tell you.

Don't remember the mfr or model name, and it was a WHILE ago. 10-15 years, ISTM. I think 360 Systems used to make something like that too. Pitch-to-midi conversion is a key element of midi guitars, but I don't know how easily any of the guitar stuff out there could be adapted to voice.

Good luck,

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#1689775 - 04/28/06 02:55 PM Re: pitch to midi
Piano Nick Offline

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There are a few programs that (claim) to do this. Some work not too badly IF:

1. there is a single melody line (no harmonies)

2. the notes don't overlap - not a problem with a solo singer.

I don't use this feature but have been using Powertracks for about four years now. Several people claim success - I tried it once on a midi-generated sax line and it was not very good. I believe the software can be tried out before buying. In any event, it is very reasonable.

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#1689776 - 05/06/06 08:37 PM Re: pitch to midi
Jazzpunk Offline
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Check out the demo's elsewhere on the site...probably cover what you need.


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