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#1689733 - 09/27/05 08:25 AM Can we have a “Reviews” forum in the Keyboard Mag section?
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While reading some other threads I started thinking that it would be nice if we had a place to post our own reviews. This is not an indication of dissatisfaction with the reviews in Keyboard Magazine, but rather a desire for access to more opinions as well as an organized outlet to express our own feelings. There are quite a few members here with long term professional or semi-professional experience and I value their opinions. It would also be nice to see opinions of fresh minds with new perspectives.

There are a few guidelines that would make it work within the current structure of the forum. One thread per instrument would be a must, with the manufacturer and instrument name as the title of the thread. They need to be complete, concise reviews. No “This thing sux” type reviews. Tell what you do not like and what you do like. I find the Pro’s and Con’s section of the Keyboard Mag reviews to be very valuable and easy to quickly understand. Each thread could also have a poll with 1 to 5 stars, but it needs to be set so that you don’t have to vote to see the results. And someone would need to moderate to keep it to one thread per instrument, and to keep the threads focused on reviews. Keep a lock down on spam or comments not related to reviews.

Oh, last of all, these reviews would not be restricted to new instruments. We get a lot of questions on the forum about older keyboards. Someone on a limited budget is always considering an XP-30, P-90 or K2000.


#1689734 - 09/27/05 09:04 AM Re: Can we have a “Reviews” forum in the Keyboard Mag section?
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Thanks for the suggestion, Robert. I think it's a great idea. Let me talk to Steve Fortner and Ken Hughes and we'll put a plan together.
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#1689735 - 09/27/05 11:28 AM Re: Can we have a “Reviews” forum in the Keyboard Mag section?
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I think this is a good idea. One thing it could accomplish is long-term reviews, something it's hard to do in the print format. (Car mags do it, actually). Someone could give their out-of-the-box impressions, then revisit them when they've been making music with the product for one month, three, six, etc.

It also gives a welcome counterpoint to our own voices. Careful moderation would really be necessary, but if there's any forum on the whole internet on which this could work, it'd be this one.
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#1689736 - 10/16/05 05:44 AM Re: Can we have a “Reviews” forum in the Keyboard Mag section?
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Excellent idea, it opens a review up to different viewpoints - always hard with one guy in a print review.
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#1689737 - 10/20/05 10:32 AM Re: Can we have a “Reviews” forum in the Keyboard Mag section?
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