Rules? Musicians don't follow rules! Ah, but they do if they want to be part of the BandWidth community.

Luckily, my rules here are pretty simple.

1. Advertising, Soliciting, and General Spam

This stuff really ruins the experience of other forum users. If you've ever tried to participate on a forum where every other post is from someone trying to sell you something, you know what I mean. Therefore, it is forbidden to use BandWidth as a vehicle to sell products and services.

ALSO: BandWidth is NOT the right place to advertise your band! Most of the people posting/reading here are also in bands, and we're not likely to be the ones who will be hiring you for a gig, or signing you to a label deal, and so on. However, there will be special threads here on BandWidth to a) tell us all about your band and b) post notices of upcoming gigs. This should be familiar to those of you who particiated in the original band forum here on the MP forums.

Does that mean we can't talk about gear at all?

Of course not. You're welcome to talk gear until the cows come home. However, if you are afilliated with a company that manufactures gear or sells services to musicians, PLEASE identify yourself as such when responding to posts that relate to your company. We all need to know that we can trust each other with unbiased information that is not based on a sales agenda. I would also appreciate anyone with said affiliations to not START posts about their products or services. This can come of as being spam, and as mentioned above, we're a spam-free zone.

2. Forum Citizenship

a. Be nice to each other. Try and accept that other people might have other opinions and experiences than your own. Though I encourage discussion and even debate, the simple rule is that I won't tolerate ad hominem attacks. An ad hominem attack is when someone targets another person's character, personality, politics, religion, musical preference, and so on.

b. I'm not a stickler for everything being perfect on-topic, but there are a few things I don't want to see here. The scope of BandWidth is rather broad, so it would be hard to always tell what's on topic and what's not. However... politics and religion seem to spur more incendary behavior on forums such as this than any other topic of conversation. We politely request that you do not discuss those things here. There are plenty of places on the web to find people with whom you can bitterly argue. This isn't one of them.

c. Profanity is bad. Very very bad. You may laugh at this... as a member of a band, it's likely that you've heard a swear word or two, and perhaps even (gasp) used some yourself. But I'd like to think of BandWidth as a place where people feel comfortable. If that person is a 13-year old trying to get his/her first band off the ground, I don't want them to feel weird around a bunch of potty-mouthed road veterans. Also, we'd like to be a resource for everyone, and there are filters/firewalls which could automatically block our site if enough bad language is used.

On that same note, don't be stupid and post images or other content that would be offensive, such as pornography. If you post a link to something that has questionable content but is relevant to our forum, please make sure that you add a disclaimer like "not work safe" for the same reasons listed above.

I don't expect everyone to be perfect angels, but I would appreciate it if you could give the wide variety of people who visit here the respect they deserve.

What happens if you don't play nicely? As you'd guess, our forum admins won't tolerate it, and neither will I. Your posts will get pulled, and it's quite possible to get banned from the forums for really bad behavior. See Jim Quinn's official Forum Rules for all the details.

Okay? We're all good with this? Excellent.


- Jeff