Hello there,

We have just recorded one of our rehearsals, and it got me thinking about the stark contrast between my vocals as heard on the recording (and thus live on stage as well) and the original I am trying to cover (a Rush tune called "Bravado" in this example).

I do have a decent equipment (TC Helicon VoiceLive, good AKG Dynamic mic, and In-Ear monitoring) and believe I should be getting better results, but I suppose I have to improve the adjustments of EQ and EFX to get it right.

I read a lot about EQ and EFX for live vocals, but that did not result in any great progress in my settings. So I'll ask you to lend me your experienced ears to evaluate the Original versus My_Cover and hopefully tell me something specific on how to make my cover sound closer to the original.

I prepared two MP3 snippets of the songs, which you can download and compare. Clicking on the links below will direct you to the German website I posted the files in. All you have to do is choose the "free download" option at the very bottom of the page and get the MP3 files (some 800 Kb each, enough for the analysis purpose).


I suppose you guys can provide an objective analysis which addresses the adjustments required for improving the vocals. Of course you might suggest that I buy some fancy gear such as a Distressor, etc., but I suspect I could reach some of the depth and brilliance of the original Rush recording vocals by means of judicious adjustments of EQ, Delay and Reverb settings. Please ignore the pitch oscillations of my voice (I was not trying hard to stay on tune anyway - busy with playing the synth...) and concentrate on the depth/brilliance aspects only.

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated .

"I'm ready to sing to the world. If you back me up". (Lennon to his bandmates, in an inspired definition of what it's all about).