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#1683665 - 08/21/05 01:04 AM Re: Best deal you ever got on gear???
mixfix Offline

Registered: 07/03/05
Posts: 22
Loc: Hollywood/Burbank
I don't know what Jerry played at the Filmore, but mine had p-90's and the finish was somewhat worn. I saw a early picture of him with that guitar and it looked like he had replaced one knob.

To make matters worse, the Dual Showman was stolen.

#2159828 - 02/01/10 12:54 PM Re: Best deal you ever got on gear??? [Re: mixfix]
nacho nieto Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 1
my best deal : neumann u47fet like new in $850

#2227977 - 09/08/10 06:17 AM Re: Best deal you ever got on gear??? [Re: J.J. Blair]
GigginPig Offline

Registered: 05/05/05
Posts: 5
Our drummer was hanging drapes at a home (day gig...) when he saw an old Fender Princeton in the corner. He asked the homeowner if he ever used it and the guy said "No". So he offered him $30.00 for it and brought it to our next gig. He handed it to me and said, "I figured you might like something like this." So I gave him $35.00 for it... It's a really nice '71 Silver face Princeton.

#2261152 - 01/12/11 08:29 AM Re: Best deal you ever got on gear??? [Re: GigginPig]
RLM67 Offline

Registered: 11/05/10
Posts: 2
Loc: Kingwood,TX
Purchased a Valley Arts Standard Pro (ser.#0290) for $525.00 in 1992--7/8 scale, Floyd Rose, EMGs--from a guy who just needed the cash. When I took the pickguard off to replace the 9V battery, Mike Maquire's signature was on the shielding in black Sharpie.

#2275044 - 02/18/11 02:04 AM Re: Best deal you ever got on gear??? [Re: RLM67]
soundbeing Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 01/30/11
Posts: 32
Loc: Brooklyn, NY
1959 wurlitzer EP model 700. $125 in excellent condition but "doesn't seem to play". a few tweaks with the capstan wrench and every note is pitch perfect, all original, tubes, amp and speaker. i'm in love!
golden ears

#2429555 - 08/02/12 12:04 PM Re: Best deal you ever got on gear??? [Re: soundbeing]
opdigits Offline
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Registered: 07/25/12
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Loc: SoCal
I bought a package deal from a local music store that was going out of business a few years back. I paid $500 for about $5,500 or more worth of gear (if I'd pieced it out and sold it), that the store owner had in his garage (he was retiring and just wanted everything gone ASAP - right place right time for me). It was all the equipment from a complete small scale sound reinforcement business (minus the truck) including a full PA w/monitoring system, 2 rackmounted outboard setups, rackmounted power amps, rackmounted wireless setups, all with their wheeled racks, 30 or so mics (some high end good for recording, and some good quality stage mics like 58's and 57's, and some specialty mics like those you hang for mic'ing a choir/orchestra and two boundary mic systems), field replacement parts, electronics/wiring and tools, cases for everything, stands (including 3 hvy dty atlas recording mic boom stands on wheels) and 4 tubs of misc cables. Some of the stuff was what you might call dated, but it was all in excellent condition and serves me well to this day.

I still have my B2 and 122 leslie my old singer from the 70's gave me back then. FREE!

The drummer from my old Reggae band gave me a Juno-60 that he said was non-working. I replaced the battery and reloaded the original soundset and it was good to go. Also FREE!
Nobody told me there'd be days like these...

#2481616 - 03/30/13 01:48 AM Re: Best deal you ever got on gear??? [Re: J.J. Blair]
bookman37 Offline

Registered: 03/30/13
Posts: 2
Loc: Nebraska
a 1961 Airline Stratotone for $40, a 1967 Yamaha FG-110 for $40, a 1981 Ibanez Blazer for $75, a Stagg L320 for $100. Not super great deals, but those are the best I've found.

#2521950 - 08/26/13 05:38 PM Re: Best deal you ever got on gear??? [Re: bookman37]
Aussie_Chicago Offline
Gold Member

Registered: 06/24/13
Posts: 604
Loc: Chicago, Illinois
A 1961 Hammond A100 tonewheel organ, complete with pedals/ bench, and a Leslie 147 for $300. Not a B3 /122, but it sounds exactly the same, actually ,it screams ! It would have been free if I got onto it quicker, I had to beat the first guy to pick it up and offered her $300 for the privalige....
"Ive been playing Hammond since long before anybody paid me to play one, I didn't do it to be cool, I didnt do it to make a statement......I just liked it "

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