I guess we all know why we're here.

The only hard and fast rules are that I don't want any flame wars, unless they are really obviously in good fun and the recipient is in on the joke. Let's try to keep the topics music related, specifically recording techniques, gear, production, the business, etc. I'll move any political or religious threads or delete any posts along such lines if they threaten to ruin an informative thread.

Brian and my expertise are in tracking, mixing, old school gear, puns and rock history (to a point). Feel free to ask any questions along those lines. I'm never afraid to say "I have no idea." Try to keep your opinions on gear to first hand experience and just use common sense. Most importantly, don't start making crap up or ask unanswerable questions like "How do I make my music sound more powerful?" or "What's the best mic to use on a Neve mic pre?" That stuff drives me crazy, and you probably won't get a helpful answer if you don't ask a reasonable question.

Otherwise, have fun and remember: Friends don't let friends act like rockstars.

PS: I don't care about enforcing netiquette or censoring phrases like 'sonic bukkake' (my own term). If there isn't code written to automatically remove it, knock yourselves out. No Orwellian language police here. Besides, I think the new EQ is supposed to be 'edgier', so we're goin' with it, babe. And I promise to try and treat each and every one of you guys fairly, regardless of whether or not I like you or your work.

Friends don't let friends act like rockstars.