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#1648758 - 06/20/04 03:02 PM Placing Panels for Early Reflections
Martin L Offline

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Some time ago I made 18 Panels out of 703, 12 - 2' x 4' x 2" and 6 - 2' x 4' x 4". I delayed hanging them because I wanted to buy and position my new monitors first. I finally bought a pair of Dynaudio BM6 monitors and I have placed them so now I am ready to hang the panels. Question is exactly where to put them? I know there is a technique using a mirror. So, I'll explain how I think it works and you can say, "Yes, that's it!" or correct me if I'm wrong.

While sitting in the mix position another person takes a mirror and places it flat against the first wall. They start at the front of the room and will eventually traverse the entire wall. The person holding the mirror slowly moves it up and down while moving towards the back of the room. From the mix position you turn your head and anywhere you see either monitor in the mirror you place a panel. This is repeated for the other wall and the ceiling.

The monitors are now in this room mounted on little stands on the corner of the desk you see in this picture.
Room Picture

The room layout is this. The desk is 3 feet from the front wall.
Studio Diagram

So, how am I doing? Thanks.


#1648759 - 06/20/04 07:27 PM Re: Placing Panels for Early Reflections
tonio Offline
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Looks good Martin!, though you want to put the monitors and desk furthur into the room.

Could you possibly move the closer(to mix position) closet? They would make great bass traps.

Don't forget the corners!!.


#1648760 - 06/21/04 12:56 PM Re: Placing Panels for Early Reflections
Ethan Winer Moderator Offline
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> Question is exactly where to put them? I know there is a technique using a mirror. <

There are two issues. One is bass trapping, and as T said you'll put those panels straddling the corners. Use the four inch thick panels for that. You should probably put some of the two inch thick panels in corners too. Then you'll spread the remaining thinner panels around on the walls.

As for the mirror, that's not strictly needed unless the room has angled walls. For a plain rectangle you can easily calculate where to put them. You'll need either three or four panels altogether. One panel goes vertically on each side wall, halfway between you and the speakers front to rear. So they're not quite besides you, but a little forward of where you sit.

Then do the same on the ceiling. If your speakers are close together you can put one panel "wide ways" on the ceiling, again halfway front and back between you and the speakers. If your speakers are farther apart you'll use two panels on the ceiling, oriented the long way front to back. Below is a photo of my living room showing where I placed two panels on the ceiling, in the center of the photo at the top. You can also see stand-mounted panels on the sides, and some corner mounted panels too.



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