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#1648639 - 06/14/04 09:39 PM small drum room treatment & 703 alternative
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I was reading Ethan's article in the latest EQ mag and it pretty much exactly addressed my room problem....I would like to eliminate the thin, boxy sound of my drum recordings..

My room is 10'x 14'..7' ceiling..every wall and the ceiling for that matter is covered in wood paneling..ceiling has a couple of metal ducts running along ceiling lengthwise...a couple of years ago I put office grade wall to wall carpeting on the floor...the room is mainly used for drums, vocals, and mixing..there is a futon with canvas covered mattess in front of the kick drum...a corner of the room is used for the control area, where the nearfields are set up...I found a cheap packing blanket and attached it with hooks to the ceiling as some sort of sound absorption..

My room:

Here are some of the ways I was thinking to improve things..I don't have a lot in the budget for this, so basically you could say I'm doing it on the cheap...any suggestions as to whether or not I am on the right track would be greatly appreciated:

1)isolate one corner of the room as vocal tracking area, with fiberglass covered panels over the entire area 3 feet outward...
2)lay a 4' x 8' foot of solid plywood under the drum kit..
3)build panels with CertainTeed R-13 fiberglass insulation, 3 1/2" x 15" x 48" sections, (found it for $8.40/32' roll, .21 sq ft.)..cover it with canvas painters drop cloth
4)lay panels in strips about 2' apart along wall, total about 10 panels..hang them from ceiling, about 3" from wall...suspend about 5 or 6 panels from the ceiling as ceiling diffusors, with about a 6" gap..

I would very much welcome any input as to what I'm doing wrong or right and basically how to proceed with treating the room....

#1648640 - 06/15/04 01:19 PM Re: small drum room treatment & 703 alternative
Ethan Winer Moderator Offline
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All of the things you mentioned are exactly correct. My only comment concerns this:

> build panels with CertainTeed R-13 fiberglass insulation ... cover it with canvas painters drop cloth <

You'll do better to use very thick fiberglass and compress it to be thinner. Ideally you'd use rigid fiberglass, which is already compressed. But squishing regular fiberglass to 1/3 or 1/4 its original thickness works well too.

Also, I think canvas may be too dense and reflective. You should use burlap or some other soft open weave fabric.



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