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#1646816 - 02/29/04 09:54 PM So just what is a properly designed space????
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Plenty of posts about problems, which I guess all "home" studios have. How about approaching this from the other angle - what is a properly designed place? Certain shapes, materials, controlling sound waves, etc. What can be used to measure a room on how it "specs"?

I know this could be a book, but just a basic primer on what a room should have would be great... ;\)
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#1646817 - 03/01/04 01:35 PM Re: So just what is a properly designed space????
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> what is a properly designed place? <

Yes, that's an entire book. \:D

If you haven't seen my Acoustics FAQ, it's second in the list on my Articles page:

Although it's not a complete primer on room design, there's some good advice. In particular, see the section about room modes, and also the sidebar that describes the ModeCalc program.



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