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#1646288 - 07/24/05 03:02 AM I just played the sweatiest gig of my life
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Seriously. I sweat alot when I play but I don't think I have ever sweated (is that a word?) this much. It was a small, lakefront club packed pretty full. Our keyboard player got stuck in Key West so we had to do the power trio thing which means PBBPaul gets to do double time on guitar. It got to the point where the sweat raining down my face was no longer even salty when it hit my mouth(yeah, I know that's kinda disgusting but you understand). Anyway, it was hard work but a fun gig and now I'm going to go pass out.

Just thought I'd share. :p

#1646289 - 07/24/05 11:44 AM Re: I just played the sweatiest gig of my life
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Hah! I thought at first that it read, "the SWEETEST gig of my life", and did a double-take... \:D

I used to have quite a problem with my hands sweating PROFUSELY when I played in any setting remotely considerable as a "gig". To the point of making it difficult to play, it was as if a faucet was turned on. It was, for me, a stage-fright/nervous reaction sort of thing. Somehow, I can't even explain exactly how, I managed to psychosomatically turn it off. I really can't clearly remember what 'n' how, it's as if I made a secret pact with myself, locked it up in a hidden file-cabinet, and threw away the key!

Now, I'm glad to say, if I sweat, it's all-over and due only to heat and humidity! I would've been it the same boat you were had I been there.
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#1646290 - 07/24/05 01:01 PM Re: I just played the sweatiest gig of my life
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Just think of it as a weight-loss gig.
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#1646291 - 07/24/05 11:25 PM Re: I just played the sweatiest gig of my life
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It's funny how you get used to the feel of sweat rolling down your back. I love winter, both here in Fla and back home in Minn.


#1646292 - 07/25/05 01:31 AM Re: I just played the sweatiest gig of my life
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Heh... reminds me of a few gigs I've played here in Atlanta where the A/C broke down in the bar during the Georgia summer... yipes!
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#1646293 - 07/25/05 11:57 AM Re: I just played the sweatiest gig of my life
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As a rule, I love summer gigs (festivals, etc). Playing the festivals keeps us out of the clubs for large parts of the summer.

However, this summer has been sooo hot and humid, even the outdoor gigs have been been a bear. Lately, I completely wet from sweat just from the load in

I guess it still beats driving to a gig in a snw storm!