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#1626445 - 03/15/01 10:40 PM Royalties ratios. Guide me please!
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I'm a composer, arranger, mixer, sound designer and producer for some nice female duo.
I my experience I have found that lyrics will take maybe 10 hours to write for one pop song. I can make a complex composition in max 20 hours solid work. To design sounds, make arrangements, record, create harmonies and finalize the song, that will takes me 350 hours!

My questions are:

What ratio is know as fair in the music industry?
It is really fair?
How about singers who will make it on charts?
Whatís for them?
In what direction we are going?

I have heard about some studios, they are asking for 20% royalties for their production plus costs of recordings. It seems to be to low for me, knowing how much time and how much money studio has to spent on equipment and learning new devices and tools. Lyricist and composer virtually donít have to spent any money. Experience they are getting, of course, but all of it is nothing to compare to studio work.
On top of it, studio CAN make crap song a hit because of groove, unique sounds etc, etc.
IMHO studio can make it and studio is THE PLAYER in that field. Example: Cheiron.
As I said before, Iím a composer and I can compose one song every day. I wish I could record one song every day! ;-P

Any more light on the subject?

Pardon my English! ;-P


#1626446 - 03/15/01 10:55 PM Re: Royalties ratios. Guide me please!
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according to your time evaluations, you need help in arranging and sound design. Most professional people who are facile with MIDI can whip through that part of the sketch in a few (3-6) hours. When I was doing a TV series, we had to score an hour show every week and record & mix it. Do an exercise like that and you get faster with your software and hardware. Work is the mother of invention in thiis case.
In terms of the percentages, they dont matter. There's about 20% floating arouns on records. The artist gets between 8 & 15% and the producer gets between 2 & 10%. Some artist I was gonna work with once asked me, If YOU get 5% and I get 12% what does the record company get?
83% I replied. That kinda shut her up. It was sobering for me too.
Up til now, the nrecord company rules......

#1626447 - 03/15/01 11:11 PM Re: Royalties ratios. Guide me please!
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Registered: 03/15/01
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Loc: Morley 6943,WA,AZERBAIJAN
My 350 hours goes into complete production from scratch.
Basic arrangement, typical with bass, drums, some strings, percussions, some guitar leads etc. will take maybe 30 hours. I'm talking about a production ready master CD.
I'm new kid on the block and maybe my 350 hours is much to much. But... I've read several times about Cheiron working 4-6 weeks to produce Britney Spears' hit.
Or it is just media crap!?
I would love to know it!