I have a WCR SHREDDER in the bridge of my Les Paul and just put a Shredder in the neck of my Tele custom build. I have to admit I love these pickups. In the Tele I put a push/pull pot for the neck pickup and I get a Killer Hendrix "Hey Joe" lead tone. Both coils going with the guitar volume on 6 I get a smooth crunch rhythm tone and when the guitar volume dimed I get into Santana like sustain territory. I have a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in my Les Paul neck and in the Tele I have a Joe Barden double blade pickup that has bite, a perfect match with the Shredder for me.

For amps I have a Marshall JCM-800 and a Roland BluesCube BC-30. With the WCR pickups and these amps I have found my signature tone I have been looking for for so long.

There are alot of great pickups out there being made. Have you found ones you are satisfied with? Any combinations of mixed makes that go good together?