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#1374623 - 03/11/03 12:56 AM Re: best wah pedals
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that new boss one looks cool, never tried it

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#1374624 - 03/11/03 03:05 AM Re: best wah pedals
Gtoledo3 Offline
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The morley wah is unuseable for me b/c of how it switches off when you take your foot off of the pedal- no leaving it in a middle position, which is something I like to do.

And who neccessarily wants a true bypass? I put my old "jimi hendrix" crybaby in the chain sometimes just to get a different sound (but without it engaged).
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#1374625 - 03/11/03 03:37 AM Re: best wah pedals
Mike_W Offline

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I have an original dunlop crybaby wah from the mid 70's and love the tones I get with it. However for live gigs I use a morley bad horsey II just because it's ease of use, I do a lot of switching of patches with my floor board so it makes it a little easier. The morley doesn't sound bad either but for recording I'd probably go with the crybaby. ;\)

#1374626 - 03/11/03 06:44 PM Re: best wah pedals
Lancer Offline
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I am currently using a late 70's vintage Dunlop Cry baby wah which I repaired to include a new pot, new 3PDT switch from Fulltone which I wired as true bypass and also installed an on/off LED light which works of the 3rd pole of this switch. I also installed and wired a jack for use with AC/DC power. This pedal works well but when I can afford it, I am going to buy the cadillac of all wahs which is the Fulltone Clyde pedal.

Guitar Player had a wah test showdown in the past and the Fulltone Clyde pedal came out on top followed by the Dunlop 535Q wah. All Fulltone effects are noted to be of top quality and are hand made in the U.S.A by a guitarist and I believe come with a lifetime warranty. They also are wired true bypass to avoid unwarranted coloration of the signal. Visit their website at

#1374627 - 03/11/03 06:58 PM Re: best wah pedals
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I've never used a wah pedal. But that was just SO CALLED FOR. :p


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