Vintage Gear for sale:

1971 Marshall 100 watt Super Lead - $1200

1963-64 Fender Blond 2x12 cab. Smooth white tolex, gold sparkle grill with 1 Celestion G12-h and 1 Celestion Vintage 30 - $450

Electro Harmonix Linear Power Booster 2 (LPB-2) Nice collectable unit - $75

Script Logo MXR Distortion + - $85

Marshall Slant 4x12 cab w/25 watt greenbacks. This one has metal handles but has a checkerboard grill. (Rare transitional piece) - $550

Marshall straight 4x12 cab w/25 watt greenbacks. Checkerboard grill - $500

Peavey Wolfgang Standard. White w/black binding, D-Tuna, maple neck, etc... $750

Roland VS-880ex digital 8 track recorder with hardshell case - $750

Heil Talk Box - $75

Sorry to have to use this forum for my personal needs but I'm in desparate need of cash to avoid an eviction. Thanks for reading.


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