You are cordially invited to attend a discussion on pro level gear at Roger Nichols' Digital Recording Forum. We will be discussing the merits of mic pres, compressors, and EQ from manufacturers such as Amek, Avalon, Buzz Audio, Crane Song, dbx, Focusrite, GML, Manley, Summit Audio, and more! At the topic, I have already posted links to much of the gear that will be discussed. Feel free to use this as your jumping point to explore the sites.

Of particular interest to guitar players will be a question Iíve posed about what mic pre and compressor makes and models might be best to use in order to get great guitar sounds to DAW.

Please RSVP by posting a reply to this topic, so that this thread will remain in view as an invitation for others who might wish to attend. Then you may attend by clicking here . I look forward to your comments.

Black tie and formal eveningwear is optional.

(This is not a corporate event. This is a posting party.)
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