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monitar mixes #1332917 12/25/00 08:37 AM
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i have been playing in my band now for about 2 years, and as always we are all trying to set the mix to our needs. the problem is we only have 2 channels for our monitors. i am wondering if it is best to have all vocals in both chanels to hear the full effect or to kept it at my own vocals and guitar. basicly, im asking what direction we should be moving in with this.
thanks drcm27

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Re: monitar mixes #1332918 01/03/01 07:44 AM
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It really depends on the type of gigs that you are playing. If you are playing on a relatively small stage, you should be able to hear the guitar with little to none in the monitors. If you are on a bigger stage and the different players are spread out more, you might want some guitar in the monitors.

As far as vocals go, I always like to put all vocals in the monitors. It helps to solve two problems. The first thing is that it helps everyone because they can hear themselves. The second thing is that putting all the vocals in the monitor mix is a big help when it comes to harmonies. This allows the vocalists to tell if they are in tune with each other, thus producing a more pleasing sound to the ears for the audience. Hope this helps.


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Re: monitar mixes #1332919 01/07/01 06:11 PM
We could give a more specific response if
we knew how your band was organized.I agree
that the vocalists should all be in the mon
mix. This is good for harmonies AND dynamics
of each singer. Players using stage amps
don't need to be in the mon mix, but to
avoid "amp wars", ask someone with a good
ear to listen from out front of your stage
setup for a balance between stage amps and
drums and the vocal level in the house
speakers. Drummers and bassists can easily
overload the "stage sound", requiring added
volume on the vocal monitors to compensate.

For my acoustic guitar I use one side of my
preamp stereo output into a Yamaha MS 101 II
powered monitor/speaker mounted on a mike
stand. I set it up to my left-front pointed
at my left ear, to keep it away from my
vocal mike. This leaves the main floor mons
for the vocals.

One last thought for the band: Everyone needs
to LISTEN while they play. To find that
elusive "blend", try practicing unplugged
with acoustic instruments or low volumes.
Good Luck! ......Bob Wood

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