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#1224119 - 07/01/05 02:55 PM Enya
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Does anyone know what synthesizers that Enya has been using? I've been working on a lot of music that's similar to hers (minus the mass layered vocals and acoustic strings) and was wondering if anyone knew what she uses or anything that would be similar to that. Thanx!

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#1224120 - 07/01/05 04:15 PM Re: Enya
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Can't tell you, but it WOULD be a great Keyboard interview, hint hint.
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#1224121 - 07/01/05 05:10 PM Re: Enya
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Check out and the forum there (do a search for "synthesizer") and you get a lead to the following interview about Watermark:

Enya Watermark Interview

Enya's synthesizers include the Roland D-50 (she likes the "heavy feel," optimum for playing sampled tympani and strings), the Fairlight III, the Yamaha TX (the rack version of the DX), an older Oberheim rack version, and the Roland Juno 60 ("We wouldn't part with it for anything in the world"). "We also used this really old keyboard called the Wave, which has got wonderful sounds, like the little sound on the beginning of 'Evening Falls,' and the quiet 'turn it up' part of 'Orinoco Flow.'" Enya plays a piano of unknown provenance, given to Roma by her auntie. They'd like to use the new MIDI-able Yamaha acoustic piano. Enya and Ryan use the Akai S-900 for sampling.
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#1224122 - 07/01/05 06:00 PM Re: Enya
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On her first album, she also used a DX7, an Emulator II and a Kurzweil 250.

I love Enya. She's one of very very few composers that creates music that can heal. At least, it worked in my case. \:\)

#1224123 - 07/02/05 07:24 AM Re: Enya
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You can definitely hear the D-50 on her early work.
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