I've been trying to find which Hammond organ was used on the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" album.

According to the liner notes in the "Pet Sounds" boxed set, most of the album was recorded at Western Studio 3, so whatever organ they had there in 1966 is probably what was used. A web page I found says that Brian Wilson played Hammond organ on Pet Sounds, but doesn't mention the organ model. Unlike the "Beatles Gear" and "Beatles Recording Sessions" books, there doesn't seem to be as comprehensive/obsessive notes about the Beach Boys' recording sessions...

Why am I asking? Well, I picked up an old Hammond Aurora (model 8212)... It's a solid state organ (no tonewheels), it probably dates from the mid-60s (there's a rhythm button for "Liverpool", which gives you a Beatles beat), and it's reported to not be worth much (although I did see someone online selling one for $3000)... But I'll be darned if I am not getting some of the exact same organ tones used in Pet Sounds.

I doubt the Beach Boys used exactly the same model -- the Aurora was a model meant for home use, not gigging musician use -- but as this link demonstrates, Hammond spinets were sometimes used on professional recordings. In any case, I'm really curious now that I've got these kinds of sounds and, as a result, have a renewed interest in Pet Sounds. \:D

So... does anyone know? Or have any guesses?