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#1055854 - 08/02/01 11:24 PM Access dealers in So. California ?
SteveRB Offline
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Loc: California
I live in San Diego and none of the stores here carry the Access Virus, and I really want to play one. It's frustrating living in a city this big and not being able to try one out. So, if anyone knows any stores that carry the Access keyboards in Orange county or the Los Angeles area I would appreciate any information you can give me. Thanks.

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#1055855 - 08/03/01 04:55 AM Re: Access dealers in So. California ?
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I saw one a couple of years ago at the Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks (818) 990-8332. I don't know if they carry them now, but it's worth a try. Also try West LA Music (310) 477-1945. They usually have a good selection.

The sales rep I usually deal with though is Scotty Van Salter. He's at Sam Ash in Canoga Park (818) 709-5650.

Good luck,

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#1055856 - 08/03/01 04:04 PM Re: Access dealers in So. California ?
Bobro Offline
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I just saw the movie "Blow" last night and when I saw this thread title, I thought you were wanted to access a dealer in So. California...

Well since I bumped this up for no real good reason might as well do something worthwhile-

GSF Agency in Santa Monica is the Access North America distributor, they can hook you up with a dealer-

Telephone: 310-452-6216
Fax: 310-452-3886


#1055857 - 08/03/01 04:10 PM Re: Access dealers in So. California ?
SteveRB Offline
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Registered: 01/12/01
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Loc: California
Thanks for the info., I will make some calls and make that horrible commute to L.A. to check one out.

No, I don't need a "dealer"....unless he has some really, really good.....nevermind.

#1055858 - 08/03/01 04:19 PM Re: Access dealers in So. California ?
mwisniewski Offline
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Loc: San Francisco,CA,UNITED STATES
Does anyone know of a place I can try the Virus kb in the San Francisco Bay Area?

#1055859 - 08/03/01 06:54 PM Re: Access dealers in So. California ?
aeon Offline
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Contacting the GSF Agency is absolutely the best way to find out where an Access Virus b/kb/indigo/rack might be located. To say the demand is high is an understatement...I have seen some posts on the 'net where people stated they had to wait 6-12 weeks from the time they ordered one to get it.

Based on press reviews, anecdotal reports and the sound samples on Access’ website ( I decided to order a Virus b sight unseen (I had auditioned the original Virus a couple of years ago) from NovaMusik ( I recommend them highly - I got a great price and their service has been excellent.

Let me just say I am so very pleased with the Virus b. The main criterion by which I judge a synthesizer is sound, and the Virus really delivers in this department for my uses. I love the filters and the timbral range, which runs from smooth-as-silk to raw and ripping. To say the Virus is a synth with bags of character would be an understatement. I hope you find one to try!
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